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Swankiss 2015 Angel Bag fukubukuro - contents and coordinates

I found myself getting caught up in a lot of impulse buys in November. Usually, I like to think carefully about how I spend my money, especially a significant amount, but something just shuts off during fukubukuro season, and all logic seems to go out the window.  And here I find myself with the Swankiss 2015 Angel Bag fukubukuro having never planned to buy it in a million years (obvious exaggeration but I'm sure you get the point).

Shoutout to gyaru-coordinates on tumblr for giving me the heads up about the preorder!
I fell head over heels when I saw this post, and I was like WOW WOW I WANT THAT bag and I didn't even realize it was a fukubukuro until a few seconds later. And I was getting prepped to pay 21600yen for just the bag LOL.

I got my pre-order purchase in on November 14 which was pretty recently after the release I think. (I'm not sure since I wasn't planning on buying it so there wasn't much research beforehand lol.) This was basically about 12 hours after I knew it existed. The lavender color option for the bag was already sold out, but I was okay with the pink one anyway. I had to figure out how to use the site (where the add to cart button was, how to put all my info in) since I hadn't previously registered and also haven't used FashionWalker before. Like many other Japanese brands, Swankiss does not ship internationally, but I knew I would be able to use Tenso as a forwarding service, so I was reasonably confident I could figure it out. I spent about 2 or more hours fussing with the check out process lol. I think this is partially because of how I was trying it go about it and partially because I wasn't using Google Chrome and had to kind of copy/paste to Google Translate for individual fields lol. There were some other issues, but the process isn't supposed to be complicated, and I think my next order (if I ever do one) will go smoothly. Making a fukubukuro purchase as my first order from a new website probably isn't ideal because I wasn't completely sure if my order was completely successful despite the credit card charge and confirmation email, but I'd have to wait over a month until Jan 1 or later to be totally sure lol. As it turned out, everything was fine in terms of the payment and check out process being correct.

When I first pre-ordered back in November, I was quite nervous about the contents since I have rarely felt compelled to purchase Swankiss items in the past. Don't get me wrong - I quite like the brand...but more in a way where I admire the people who wear it because it's so bold. I never wanted to gamble on it by purchasing online. I figured that the fukubukuro items would be slightly on the toned down side compared to their specialty items each season. I looked at last year's (2014's) contents and didn't mind them toooo much (as far as fukubukuro items go since they are for winter), so I was nervous but also quite looking forward to what I would get for my first Swankiss items!
I impatiently waited for the contents to be revealed. I had looked around and noticed that someone had posted the sample reveal around Christmas 2013 for last year's (2014) fuku, but I didn't see anything for this year (2015) until January 2! No big deal, of course, but I just like see the reveal if there is one. This photo is from Swankiss producer Saaya Hayashida's blog -
The listed 5 contents are fur coat, OP, inner top, blouse and skirt, and some coordinates by Saaya and Shibuya 109 shop staff were posted!
Saaya and 109 shop staff in the coat (which was actually seen in the promo photos as well) -
109 Shop staff and Saaya in the OP and "inner top" (which is not a camisole!) -
Saaya and 109 shop staff in the blouse and denim skirt -
 [Click on the pictures for the source post]

Based on these photos, I was quite excited to get my fukubukuro! Definitely not products that I would have necessarily made the move to buy and purchase myself individually, but great to see in person and just cool to try on to see how they look on me.

I received an email that my fukubukuro shipped (to Tenso) on 12/31. Tenso received and processed it on 1/6 (early AM my time), and I paid for shipping the same day. It was delivered to my house on 1/10.
I was a bit nervous about the shipping cost because of the shape/size. I was guessing it would be around the same weight as Liz Lisa's tote fukubukuro (which in the past had cost others around $90 to ship with Tenso). But with Tenso's new shipping options, I thought it might be a little better. It weighed in at 3820g, and there was only a 700yen difference between shipping insured EMS versus uninsured SAL, so I decided to go with EMS (also since I chose SAL for my Liz Lisa trunk and didn't want to wait forever for both).

Unboxing (sorry these were just quickly taken with my cell phone) -
slightly squished in the box and not covered in plastic! (which was surprising a little tbh? but obviously not of the utmost importance)
fluffs out fine
Content items exactly as pictured in the reveal photos I found, and I was very excited to try everything on! Imo there are obvious intended coordinates [button down top & the skirt (+ coat option) / lace inner & OP (+ coat option) as shown in how I laid these out], but for this blog post, I also wanted to show how each item could be used in different outfits besides just being used together. I'll show each item and then a coordinate featuring only that one lucky pack item, and then show the intended coordinate!

  Off-white coat with (faux) faur collar, cuffs and heart pockets and pom poms
The fur details are nice and soft. I'm not exactly sure what the material the main part of the coat is made of since I'm not very familiar with it/this kind of clothes. I want to say it's some kind of woven or maybe close to a tweed? A typical winter/coat material though. The inside is fully lined and everything seems really well made. The buttons are magnetic snaps which makes it easy to close and especially easy to take off (where you don't have to worry about one falling off by struggling with it)
-  Coordinate: with red bow headband (/pearl headband), lace detail OTK socks and Liz Lisa OTK boots
At my height, I really shouldn't be wearing this coat seemingly by itself. I was wearing (short) shorts under it for these pictures because I wanted to but a lot of emphasis on the coat and show how it would look like that? If that makes any sense lol. But actually one of the great things about this coat imo is that the length is such that for many skirts/dresses, just the bottom of whatever is underneath will peek out so the coat doesn't cover it completely! (Pictures of this later in the post.) I'm obviously not used to styling coats so I've never had one this length before, but I discovered I really like this length and makes this coat nice to coordinate with! If you're shorter or taller by more than a few inches, you might not get the same effect though.

Pink OP with ribbon applique
This OP is definitely made of a little heavier material and would be good during moderate winters or maybe one of the transition seasons (spring or autumn) depending on how you style it. Again, the quality seems very good and well-constructed. The applique ribbons are firmly attached. I wasn't able to take photos of this OP on my mannequin doesn't fit on it :O. There's no stretch in this dress and my mannequin isn't squishy/it doesn't have any "give" because it's stuffed very solidly. The mannequin has what I would guess is a typical US size medium hips/butt and shoulder area which isn't manipulable. That being said, it fits on me (typical US size XS/S) quite well lol.
-  Coordinate: with Ank Rouge button down, ankle socks and Liz Lisa ankle boots
+ Ank Rouge embossed heart purse
I feel like this makes for a great spring coordinate! This OP looks great over collared tops, and I think looks really sweet this way. I think I'm lucky that fits me well and is a pretty good length. I'm not much of an applique person generally but the ribbons on the skirt part don't bother me as much as I thought they would when I first saw pictures of this piece on its own. In fact, I feel like they really do contribute to the coordinate as a whole and don't feel like a last minute stuck-on addition (like some applique pieces do).

White flower lace inner top
As you can see, this is simply a lace inner top. I don't think most would wear this as a top on its own due to the sheerness but it makes for an excellent layering piece. The flower lace is really pretty and not as itchy as you might think for something that looks like this lol. It's well made as far as I can tell with all the hems finished and a 1/3 zipper in the back for access.
-  Coordinate: with Liz Lisa Mermaid OP, translucent tights and Flag J pumps
+ Liz Lisa ribbon frill purse and the fuku bow bag
Initially, I really wasn't sure what to coordinate this top with (besides the Swankiss OP). It's not my typical style (mostly due to how much coverage there is), and I don't usually think about layering with pieces like this so it's not like I had an instant coordinate in mind. But challenge accepted! While I was looking through my wardrobe, I thought about what the average Swankiss shop staff might wear and tried to channel that lol. I looked at this mermaid OP and thought the colors would go well and the neckline would work pretty well too. The tights actually have a subtle lace design as well, and I was worried that would be an overload, but actually I think that's not a bad thing when you're trying to wear Swankiss! I paired with off white shoes for a white-out look so the pink details on the dress would stand out a lot. It's not something I would wear here in Hawaii, but I think, as a Japanese street fashion-inspired outfit in general, it's not too bad :|

Intended fukubukuro coordinate
(Again, yeah sorry it doesn't fit on my mannequin :| )
-  Coordinate: with OTK socks and Liz Lisa lace-up back pumps
+ the fuku bow bag
I don't really know why I felt it was necessary to add the necklace. Well actually I do - I threw it on because recently someone commented on Liz Lisa x My Melody 2014 fukubukuro reveal/coordinates video to say that I don't accessorize enough for this style. I wholeheartedly admit - that's true. I'm not much of an accessorize-r. At most I'll do something with/add something to my hair or maybe add earrings, but most times, not lol. (In that video, you couldn't even see my head for most of it so even if I had accessorized my hair or ears, it wouldn't have been seen. My ears are hidden in 99% of the time anyway so I don't even know why I bother with earrings in general.) I'm just not someone who buys accessories - I'd rather have clothes. And because I don't usually buy accessories, I don't usually think about including them in coordinates. Anyway, I had that comment in mind and threw that stupid necklace on but looking back at these photos, I wish I hadn't lol. #lessismore #donttrytobesomeoneyourenot I think, for me at least, it's better to under accessorize than to accessorize badly. I digress. Back to this coordinate - the lace inner and OP obviously go well together. The necklines work really well and so do the details. It's girly and fun and what I would consider pretty normal from Swankiss. My personal style is not typical Swankiss so I personally would prefer this OP with a short sleeve blouse, but that's probably mostly because of my climate bias. That being said, I like this a lot.
+ the fuku coat
+ Liz Lisa 2013 fukubukuro 'premium carry trunk'
I think now you can probably see what I mean about the coat being a length such that you can see the bottom of whatever you're wearing peeking out beneath it? Ofc this is also highly dependent on the length of the skirt underneath, but for me personally, this OP's length is somewhat standard for many freesize items of similar style, and I don't often wear shorter skirts than this. Anyway, I love how these 3 pieces look together. It's a great winter coordinate with the addition of the coat which I think would work for himekaji but, as I understand it, Swankiss is more in the new Larme-kei genre? Tbh I think it works well in either category (not that you really needed to put a label on it), but it's also highly dependent on how you style it, and since I'm mostly himekaji-inspired myself, that's probably why it's leaning into himekaji in my mind right now.

Black and white heart print button down with small ruffle details
I think in some photos this top is reading as navy, but I looked at it under different types of light and I'm like 99.9% sure it's black. Thankfully this top isn't made out of a really thick material. It's a pretty typical light/somewhat thin polyester with a print on it. The length is just short of what I would consider "full length" on me. What I mean by that is that I wouldn't wear this top without tucking it in. That probably doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone but me, but I just feel like if it had another inch or two in length, it would be more versatile. That being said, I think it's probably meant to be tucked in anyway and most people don't want the extra fabric to stuff in and bunch up when that's happening, so for this intended use, it's great. There's small ruffles on the collar and the front opening along the buttons. There are similar details on the cuffs as well. There are a few stray stings on the button holes, but that's easily taken care of with a few snips and otherwise, this seems like another quality piece.
-  Coordinate: with fitted skirt and sequin pumps
+ Michael Kors quilted patent leather 2-way bag
This was another item that I wasn't sure how I would coordinate on its own (without other fuku items). I don't own any(?) long sleeve button down shirts in black or with a print lol so it's unfamiliar territory. I decided to go more along the professional/office look route with this one since most of the items in my wardrobe that are black are for work or similar situations. I had to try on a few different skirts with this shirt before I could settle on one that I liked. The other two were total busts lol. I was initially going to pair this outfit with black mary jane pumps but I saw these silver sequin shoes on the shelf and grabbed for them instead, and I think it makes it more fun/kooky? They actually reflect light like crazy in person. This is definitely not typical Swankiss or himekaji style and definitely more of a mainstream outfit which shows the shirt can transition!

Denim apron skirt with "Love angel" embroidery
I was really excited to see this skirt. I was worried that it would be too voluminous or heavy or the fit would be bad, but I don't think any of those things are an issue in reality. There is a lot of material in the front (compared to the back in particular), but it's manageable and part of what makes the skirt fun. The material is denim and, again, feels well made and high quality. Everything is finished well and there's a side zipper for access and a little bit of shirring in the back. The ruffles and embroidery are not obnoxious but add small, cute detailing to the skirt.
-  Coordinate: with Liz Lisa sleeveless lace detail top, pearl headband, (Liz Lisa ribbon belt) and Liz Lisa floral wedges (+ Samantha Thavasa purse)
I decided to try to do a summer look with this skirt! My first thought was to pair the skirt with these Liz Lisa wedges so I looked for a top to complement them to complete the outfit. After I looked in the mirror, I thought it was looking a little bit plain so I added the belt. And then I was concerned that it might look too busy lol. (I told you I'm bad at accessorizing lol.) Looking at these photos now, I think the belt wasn't too terrible of a choice because the gold color picks up the color in the embroidery and it's actually quite nice that way. Lol.

Intended fukubukuro coordinate
(Yay this one fits on my mannequin.) These aren't two pieces that I would have picked to go together myself, but thank god I have the fuku to guide me because they're really cute together! The tiny ruffles on the top play well with the small ruffles on the skirt without it being overwhelming. And the "love" theme in the embroidery goes with the heart print on the top.
-  Coordinate: with OTK socks and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps
+ Liz Lisa beret with flowers
I knew almost immediately that I would want to try and pair this outfit with my new red shoes. I chose a white OTK sock because I thought that would match with the print of the hearts. I wish they were a little more opaque, but I didn't want to go out and buy new ones so just bear with me lol. I added the beret because I remembered seeing it on the Swankiss Shibuya 109 shop staff (see photos above). I'm not exactly sure what style genre this outfit would fall into, but I'm pretty happy with it.
+ the fuku coat (and heart shoulder bag)
I'm much happier with it overall once the coat and the heart bag is added though! I wish I took a few more pictures with the heart bag visible. It's a bit of a heart overload - heart print on shirt, heart pockets on coat, heart detailing on the pumps and die-cut heart bag, but I'm just loooooving it tbh lol. I really wish I could wear this outfit somewhere haha. Again, with the length of the coat, you can just see the bottom ruffle of the skirt sticking out, and I really like that.

  Fukubukuro "unboxing" and coordinate video
If you've come this far in the post, you have already seen what's in this fukubukuro and what coordinates I can create with the items in it, so the video isn't really anything enlightening in terms of content, but if you're keen to see them "in motion" please check it out! I'm also always open to helpful critiques, so if you want to watch it and let me know how I can improve them, that would be great! [Except for lighting - I already know that's an issue and I'm kind of trying to figure out what else might work, but if I want to shoot in my room (which I do because there isn't really any other space to film where I can have privacy and easily change, etc), that's hard to change because there's only one window on one wall, and I can't move that.]
And here are some short gifs if you want to see the items in motion without watching the video lol -

Coordinated the ribbon OP with this Betsy Johnson purse which is actually not shown in above photos lol

Better view of this coordinate with the heart bag
  Final verdict: Both intended fukubukuro coordinates, with or without coat - A+.  I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't find a use for each item individually, but I think I semi-solved that problem by forcing myself to find something to coordinate them with for the purposes of this blog post, so that's even better. I'm very pleased with this fukubukuro overall, and I'm so glad I made the spontaneous decision to order it. I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't be worth the price (especially considering shipping) or that the contents would be too outrageous for me, but I love each item inside despite a few of them not being really practical in Hawaii. All are excellent quality from what I can tell and have just the right amount of detail to make them special without being too over the top. I think I might even like the contents more than the giant bow bag which is amazing to me because I bought this fukubukuro for the bag. What's even more amazing is that I might even like this fukubukuro in its entirety more than any Liz Lisa fukubukuro I've bought thus far :O. I think it's mostly because of the fit and quality of the items and how well they all work together. Thank you Swankiss for putting these items together!

As a small reminder (and I'm sure those of you who actually read my posts are tired of reading these blurbs, but I am constantly getting blamed for not warning people of this, so here I go again) - I am extremely uncomfortable with my personal photos being used for the profit of others especially without a simple source link. In general, I would prefer for my photos not to be reposted without my permission at all, but if you feel the extreme need to do so, I simply ask that you just include a simple link back to my original post. Regardless of whether I watermark every single photo, I do still own the copyright to these pictures and you finding them on Google Image does not mean I do not own them anymore?? (There has been some confusion on that front apparently. And to be clear, Google does even warn you when you click on a photo that the image may be subject to copyright, and Google does not sever the photos from their original pages, so it's easy to find their source if you choose.) I do not blog and post these photos so that others can sell their products that are not associated with me in the slightest. And the response I get when I just ask for my photos to be sourced really discourages me from sharing and continuing to blog. I mean this in the least aggressive way possible, but I'm not just going to throw 80 smiley emojis in this to "soften the tone" because I am serious, and I honestly feel like you should be able to read a paragraph like this without emoticons and not be offended by its message.


  1. That lace inner top is actually really cute! you will be able to layer it with soo many liz lisa items xD

    1. It's actually a lot more versatile than I anticipated! I'm not sure I'd ever wear it in Hawaii thoug :X

  2. Such a nice Fukubukuro~ I really like the items and how you have so many options with them all. ^.^ Great for mixing and matching.

  3. Wow nice and cute things! : ) I really like the denim skirt!! : )

    1. Thank you! That's probably my favorite piece <3

  4. The clothes are really nice but the bag is huuuge :D Where are you going to use it?

    1. I'm not sure yet but I really like the exaggerated size personally. Even if I never use it "seriously", I think it's really fun to have. Maybe I'll fill it with stuffing and use it in my room as a cushion.

  5. Wonderful fukubukuro items! I can't stop staring at the pink OP! I'm just in love with how you put everything together. Will you be buying more items from Swankiss?

    While I worked for Swankiss during Anime Expo, I did notice how small the waist is for their items. I have big hips so that was no beuno for me and their clothes didn't fit for 98% of the population at the convention. Besides that I really want to buy more of their tops and high platform wedges :)

    1. I'm not sure. The price point is a little higher than Liz Lisa's for the items I like and I feel like I can't pull off most of them/it's hard to tell by the stock photos how it would look on me in particular. The sizing is definitely an issue but I guess I'm glad the pink OP was able to fit me so well. I guess it's good for smaller gals who are sometimes swimming in regular free size?

    2. Emiiichan, you break my heart with this comment! There was a forum comment saying free size is about US s/m size wise. Now I found out this isn't true! :'( Still plan on buying the next swankiss fukubukuro! BTW, I like you in this style.

    3. The forum isn't wrong per se. Free size is an extraordinarily general term and if you're trying to define it in western sizing, it truly is typically about a US size S/M, however that's not true in all cases across all brands and items. There are some free size items that could fit US size L or even XL. There are some that best fit US size XS/S. It very much depends on each item and brand.