Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twinning with Berri (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ

Let me introduce you to my lovely friend, Berri!
We started talking through email when she sent an inquiry about an item in my storenvy, and we never stopped messaging back and forth! We both love Liz Lisa and actually have quite a few similar pieces, so we decided to try to do a twinning post. Obviously, as she lives on an entirely different continent across the Pacific Ocean, we can't actually take photos together, but we agreed on a seasonal theme and a few outfits and separately photographed.

  Autumn look -
On Berri: Liz Lisa (web limited) faux jumper skirt OP in white & Liz Lisa ankle boots in brown
On Emiii: Liz Lisa (web limited) faux jumper skirt OP in white & Liz Lisa ankle boots in beige
We both coincidentally have this dress in the same color! I personally love mine a lot. It's a simple, casual dress with girly lace detailing and a faux 2-part top and jumper skirt design. It can easily be worn casually or dressed up depending on how you style it. These ankle boots were actually both originally Berri's lol. Luckily, we have the same shoe size, and I bought the beige pair from her when she decided to sell them :)

  Winter look -
On Berri: Liz Lisa coat with fur cuffs over Liz Lisa button down and plaid suspender skirt & Liz Lisa side pom pom boots in brown
On Emiii: Liz Lisa (2013 fukubukuro) coat with fur collar over Liz Lisa long sleeve top and plaid skirt with ribbon tie & Liz Lisa back pom pom boots in beige
I don't own a lot of winter appropriate clothes (or even know what is entirely appropriate for winter lol) so my outfit is basically made up of items I got in fukubukuro and the pom pom boots which I was able to snag at a super sale price! Berri coincidentally has a previous season's pom pom boots and a similar double-breasted brown coat!

  Spring look -
On Berri: Liz Lisa button down top with Liz Lisa floral suspender skirt in pink & Liz Lisa ankle strap wedge pumps in pink
On Emiii: Liz Lisa (x My Melody 2014 fukubukuro) button down top with Liz Lisa floral suspender skirt in white & Liz Lisa lace-up back pumps in pink
We both recently bought this Spring 2014 suspender skirt! I knew I had to have it in the white color option, and Berri loved the pink. We each paired it with a white button down blouse with a collar and pink pumps. I wish I bought those wedge pumps Berri is wearing! Her Liz Lisa shoe collection is so much bigger than mine *jealous* :)

  Summer look -
On Berri: Juge Etta resort floral OP in orange & Liz Lisa wedges in yellow
On Emiii: Juge Etta resort floral OP in pink & Liz Lisa wedges in pink
I think we both saw this Juge Etta OP on Cheynna and loved it lol.  Berri purchased in orange, and I purchased in pink. I absolutely love the orange on her! This is another dress that's great to just throw on and appropriate for many different occasions imo. We're wearing the same summer knot wedges in different colors. I actually have a pair in yellow as well but don't the pink OP and pink shoes and orange OP and yellow shoes pair so well together for twinning? Haha.

  Roomwear -
On Berri: Liz Lisa x My Melody 1st collab roomwear jacket and shorts set
On Emiii: Liz Lisa Chambre a Couche floral roomwear jacket and shorts set
Yay roomwear! I love the Lizmero collab print on Berri's so much! Ngl, I love the print on mine as well lol. Liz Lisa's roomwear is so so so soft and comfy. I wish they still sold them reguarly! I haven't worn mine very often lately due to the heat, but when the weather cools down a bit, I look forward to lounging around in it again! 

Sorry my editing skill are not the best (and tbh since I'm using a really old version of PS, I just got a bit lazy) + I'm really horrible at purikura decorating fml, but you can probably still get the concept we were going for. Hopefully one day (when she visits HI) we'll be able to take actual twinning photos together in the same location, lol! We actually have quite a few other Liz Lisa items in common so maybe there will be a part 2 later :)

Check out Berri's version of the twinning post here!