Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tokyo Kawaii Life orders 7 & 8 - Liz Lisa Gingham flower towels, Key skirt, Champouf pass case, Collar dot OP, Flower earrings, Lace cami, Tralala applique blouse

  Tokyo Kawaii Life order 7
A bit of a spur of the moment/impulse purchase lol.

Gingham flower towel in blue (141-9918-0)
I already have this towel in pink (to match my swimsuit set!), but I missed an earlier opportunity to get more at the extreme sale price before it sold out, and I was sad lol. When I saw it was back in stock in blue, I jumped at the chance to get these for 73% off and 1080yen a piece! There was only 4 left (only blue, no pink), and I knew at that price, they would sell out quickly so I just went ahead and purchased two. I figured that towels will always be useful, so why not? Haha. And there was a free domestic shipping promotion going on, so even more so, why not lol?

  Tokyo Kawaii Life order 8
After my towels had in-processed at Tenso, I decided that I didn't want to ship them internationally by themselves - it wouldn't be worth it at that price. I had anticipated that Tokyo Kawaii Life would have a web shop (3rd) anniversary happy bag like in past years around September 20, but apparently not! I guess the web shop has a different anniversary now that it's TKL and not VENT? Or they're just not celebrating this year. Lol wtf they totally tricked me. Anyway, I was planning on ordering something else to ship with the towels later in the week after the Friday releases, but since the item I was anticipating wasn't listed, I had to look for a few other things!

Key motif skirt (in white) (142-4020-0)
If you follow me on Dayre (or you're Berri), you know I've been moaning and groaning about this key skirt for weeks. I had liked it in brown in on Yui Kanno in the Fancy Autumn Magic newspaper (Look 10) when I had just that small preview photo to go off of about a month ago, but when it was finally stocked online, I fell in love with it in the "white" color option. [Blogger is putting that horrible weird grey filter on the photos I upload again, and I can't make it stop wtf.] The color is definitely more beige/yellow than white but it's what Liz Lisa is calling white so yeah lol. This skirt is longer than most of my other bottoms that look similar to this but that's probably because this is a true skirt and not sukapan which tend to be shorter. I like the length a lot. Definitely makes it appropriate for more occasions. And I'm soooo in love with the print. There is a little volume after the waistline which I think has to do with the fact that there's so much shirring in the back? The waist is actually quite stretchy compared to some other bottoms from Liz Lisa which I determined because this skirt can actually be "worn" on my mannequin which I think is a medium-ish size (or like a larger small if that makes any sense)? I even pulled it on to the mannequin over the shoulders (mostly because I was too lazy to take it off the stand to pull on the skirt the regular way) and it's quite broad and solid (my mannequin isn't soft and cushy) there. That was about the maxium of the shirring though. It also fits my waist well too, so I can see it easily working for someone size XS - M (although you should always check measurements to be sure).
Ribbon x pearl lace cami (in pink) (132-2010-0)
I feel like I rarely see camis on sale and in stock in pink, but this was one of the cheapest ones, and luckily I got the last pink. I already have a pink cami but the chains have big, not-so-subtle daisies on it so I thought this one would be good to have as well. But honestly I didn't really buy it for any good reason lol. Just because it was on sale and it was light (for shipping). I don't usually wear these alone but rather for layering. This is my fourth pink Liz Lisa cami lol. I just realized I don't have one in any other color...
 Tralala Flower applique button down top (in yellow) (641-1409-0)

Just another thing I thought I would add to my cart that shouldn't add too much weight to the package. The color is listed as yellow and I was just hoping that it would be a similar color to the stock photo so that it would be more of a beige and yay it is! I think it will be a pretty good, simple basic that isn't too boring that I can wear on many occasions to different places.
 Big flower earrings (in pink) (141-9004-0)
I've added these earrings to my cart I-don't-even-know-how-many times lol. I was really considering the purple ones earlier but they only had pink and yellow when I was checking out, so I decided to go with pink (last pair!). I rarely wear earrings that aren't studs, but I want to get a few more Liz Lisa accessories. And, as with the cami, on sale but also light (weight).
Collar dot OP (in pink) (120-6010-0)
I think this is from one of the 2013 fukubukuro? Maybe the tote? While I was looking through the outlet for other things to buy, I decided to just throw it in my cart because it was cheap, especially for an OP. I like the color, and the price was right. A pretty good casual dress. It's a liiiiitle short for my taste for a dress with this kind of silhouette (such a full skirt and the waist is a bit high and not fitted) but definitely fine for casual or good for girls who are a bit on the shorter side. Dot pattern is cute and so is the collar and small ruffle sleeve. I was hoping the waist would fit a little better because I saw it on someone else in the #liz lisa tag and liked it that way, but there's definitely some room there. Another item that would probably be appropriate for a range of sizes. The material is a little heavier since this was in the fukubukuro (winter stuff), and I don't anticipate needing to iron it besides the collar so that's good.
Champouf pass case (in pink) (142-9901-0)
Finally I have something Champouf! Tbh I wasn't in love with this character when I first saw her, but she definitely grew on me. I feel like they don't reguarly release Champouf items as much anymore, and I needed an easily accessible pass case so I was like OKAY THIS ONE lol. I actually was intending to use this for my bus pass but I have since changed jobs and no longer catch the bus...so I'm not sure how much use it will get but at least it will probably stay cleaner for longer now lol. There is a zipper pocket at the top of her head and the clip is attached to one of those retractable cords! Lol this definitely would have been a good choice if I was still catching the bus -__-

I had some full price items in this order, but with all the sale stuff at very discounted prices including the towels, it kind of evened out lol! If I'm allowed to think about it that way :)

As a small reminder (and I'm sure those of you who actually read my posts are tired of reading these blurbs, but I am constantly getting blamed for not warning people of this, so here I go again) - I am extremely uncomfortable with my personal photos being used for the profit of others especially without a simple source link. In general, I would prefer for my photos not to be reposted without my permission at all, but if you feel the extreme need to do so, I simply ask that you just include a simple link back to my original post. Regardless of whether I watermark every single photo, I do still own the copyright to these pictures and you finding them on Google Image does not mean I do not own them anymore?? (There has been some confusion on that front apparently. And to be clear, Google does even warn you when you click on a photo that the image may be subject to copyright, and Google does not sever the photos from their original pages, so it's easy to find their source if you choose.) I do not blog and post these photos so that others can sell their products that are not associated with me in the slightest. And the response I get when I just ask for my photos to be sourced really discourages me from sharing and continuing to blog. I mean this in the least aggressive way possible, but I'm not just going to throw 80 smiley emojis in this to "soften the tone" because I am serious, and I honestly feel like you should be able to read a paragraph like this without emoticons and not be offended by its message.


  1. The skirt is so beautiful! I love your LL haul posts :D it's all so inspiring

    1. Thank you! I particularly love the skirt as well :)

  2. I have the Tralala blouse in White wtf. I didn't even notice earlier! And yes, finally you got the skirt It looks so nice on you!! <3 <3 <3 I love the way the earrings look - they look nice with the blouse. I kinda want the champouf now. the polkadot dress is nice too!!

    1. Loool. I think I like the top in white a lot better. This beige one is okay but I would have preferred white overall despite how it would match with the skirt.

  3. I would've never looked twice at the polka dot dress but it's actually pretty cute! I just find it surprising that it's a winter item and it's short

    1. Haha the only reason I looked twice was the price tbh. (I sorted outlet items by price, cheapest first lol.) And I think Liz Lisa has short stuff all year round even in the fuku which is good for me lol.

  4. So cute, I love Liz Lisa style, one of the cutest ^___^/

    I love the floral skirt!!! The design is very elegant and beautiful.

    恵美より ♥

  5. I love the print on that skirt, but I wasn't fond of the bow in the front. :/ Sometimes it's the little details that makes me less reluctant to purchase something. The skirt looks great on you though, really nice and elegant. :)
    The Champouf pass case is extremely cute!! *_*

    1. Tbh I'm not keen on the bow either but I HAD to have the print and I love the style of the skirt otherwise. And I'm glad I did because it's now sold out in white!

  6. I love your order you look always so cute *^*