Sunday, August 10, 2014

Liz Lisa summer 2014 outfits video

A few Liz Lisa summer outfits in video form!
If you regularly read my blog posts, you've probably already seen these outfits in my Liz Lisa coordinates posts from my Japan trip (<-- for more info and other pictures click the links), but now you can see them in motion lol. Also created this video because I wanted to update my youtube channel haha (it's been like 2 months since my last). It's not all the items from my haul because I didn't want to make the video too long, but I will have a second part uploaded with a few more items later :) Second video done! Check it out here.
All items in this video are from Liz Lisa.

Ribbon pattern romper and floral wedges

Sailor fuwafuwa OP and floral wedges

Lace border flower stripe OP and floral wedges

109 limited set OP with puff short sleeve denim sailor jacket and lace up back flower wedge sandals
109 limited set and clear pearl sandals

トリコット set up with seashell bag and lace up back flower wedge sandals
Sweets OP and clear pearl sandals
tumblr gif set - here
The shoes

tumblr gif set - here

  Liz Lisa summer 2014 outfits video - Part 2 here!


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    1. Thank you! Tbh even though it takes me a long time to create them, I think it's worth it because sometimes you don't want to watch a video or wait for it to load and stuff lol

  2. oooh i love the gifs! so convenient! and the wedges at the very end - they're actually really nice o.o when I saw them online they looked pretty plain!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the gifs. I know watching a video is not always convenient lol. I feel the same way about the wedges as well lol.