Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Liz Lisa summer 2014 outfits video - Part 2

Liz Lisa summer outfits - Part 2!

I had a little more time than I anticipated this past weekend, so after I finished uploading my LL summer 2014 outfits video, I decided to try and do another while I'm motivated! These were some outfits that I didn't include in the first video because I didn't want it to drag on, but I still wanted to share given the chance. I cheated a little and included a coordinate from LL's spring '14 though (*/ω\*). I just love my lavender jumper skirt and thought it deserved to be shown as well lol. Many of you have probably already seen still photos of these outfits in previous posts, and I'm sure this one is quite boring as a result - sorry! But if I'm going to make something for YT, I figure I might as well post here as well lol. I haven't even had the chance to wear 80% of the new clothes I purchased out yet, but at least they're getting a lot of social media exposure haha.

Check open back OP and clear pearl sandals

Ribbon lace faux 2-piece OP with puff short sleeve sailor denim jacket, sweets novelty wristlet clutch and floral wedges

Hep Five limited OP and floral wedges

Floral jumper skirt with chambric puff sleeve blouse and clear pearl sandals

Lace border docking OP and lace up back flower wedge sandals

Mermaid OP and lace up back flower wedge sandals

Close-ups of the shoes (repeat if you already saw the first post, but I stayed with my summer 2014 shoes for these coordinates, so here's another look lol)


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