Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kate Spade lilac purse (from the new Kate Spade New York Outlet at Waikele!)

About a month ago, I was shopping at Waikele Premium Outlets and I noticed that in place of the Juicy Couture Outlet store, there would soon be a Kate Spade Outlet! Tbh, I wasn't extremely interested in this brand in the past, but since they opened a store at Ala Moana recently, it became a lot more accessible to me (- I wont have to go into Waikiki or only buy online or when I'm on the mainland). Now, even better, they've opened an outlet location!
The grand opening was June 6, 2014. I actually heard about the opening from several people who posted about it on social media but it was also on the news according to my mother! Someone I follow posted that for the opening weekend, the entire store was 40% off and then you would get an additional 20% off. I'm not in any particular kind of need for a new bag or brand name accessories, but with that kind of sale, I knew I at least had to check it out!
After work on Friday, my bf and I went out to dinner at Spicy Ahi in Pearl City
Mochiko chicken yum
And then I asked him to take me to Waikele so I could check out the store! I wasn't really intending on buying anything that night, but I definitely wanted to scope it out and see how long the sale promotion was going to be valid (so I could come back later if I wanted anything).
I saw this small lilac purse and a few other things, and my interest was piqued! I also like a lot of the clothing there, but none enough that I would funnel my money there instead of Liz Lisa wtf. By the time we got to the store, it was about 1 hour from closing, but it was still packed and hard to move around. However, it seemed like they had quite a bit of stock, and I didn't have a pressing need for this bag so I decided to think about it overnight and come back the next morning. If they had it, that's good and the option to get it would still be there, and if they sold out of it, I was fine with that too, haha - meant that I would keep my money in my wallet.

The next morning, my mother and I headed to the store right around when the mall opened. There was plenty of parking, but already there were quite a few people in the Kate Spade store!
The 40% off and then 20% off promotion was still going on, so we shopped around for a few things for gifts (and for ourselves lol). We ended up spending around an hour there because we had a hard deciding what to get for certain people and went back and forth between a lot of things.

Shopping ootd with the shopping bag
Here's what we got -

Lilac bag for me
Chartreuse crossbody bag for my cousin
Wallet/wristlet for my other cousin, 2 white wallets for my other other cousins' wives and a wallet for my mother

Bow belt for my mother
Bow ring for me!

 More photos of my lilac purse (and a shot of the text on the bag for the purse lol) -

3 quick (Liz Lisa) coordinates with my Flag J shoes -
 (I'm also wearing the ring in these photos but it's not too obvious)

 I just realized these sunglasses give me serious bitch face wtf

Anyway, I think it was worth it to go back the morning after the opening! If they sold out of anything, I don't feel too bad about missing it, but we were still able to get some good deals and take care of several future gifts! I really love the two items I got for myself and didn't mind the price after the deductions. I don't already have a purse this size and definitely not this color so I'm looking forward to creating outfits around it, and the ring is simple but cute.
The Samantha Thavasa store at Ala Moana and this Kate Spade Outlet are definitely going to be my go-to shops for purses and classic accessories. I'm so excited to have these as options here (in Hawaii) now!


  1. OMG I love the purse you bought~! *o* I wish there were outlets close by where I live~ >.<

    1. Thank you! Luckily Oahu is not very big so even if I lived as far as I could from the outlets, it still wouldn't be that far lol

  2. I love everything you bought!! all are so cute!!

  3. Ah!! You bought the bag! It's so cute! The chartreuse bag is even cute too!

    1. Ahhh yeah I love it! I'm still a little unsure of how much use I'll get out of it, but I love love the shape and size.
      And I hope my cousin likes that bag. We went back and forth a lot about the color (/ _\)

  4. The lavender bag is so pretty!! 40% off + 20% off makes a pretty good deal! I think I like the lavender bag with the lavender dress best. I dunno why though.

  5. I LOVE Kate Spade. I'm so jealous you have a Samantha Thavasa AND a KS outlet store near you!!! (That bag is seriously adorable.) I only have a regular KS store near me; I usually stalk them during their sales but I rarely find something on sale that I actually like because rich old ladies get there first. (Yay Florida...the land of Disney, meh beaches - minus Key West - and retirement.)

    1. So grateful they brought both these stores here! I hope they do well and stay.

  6. May i know how much the lilac kate spade bag??

    1. The retail as $295 and with the sale discounts, it came out to around $150.

  7. The lilac bag is so cute, and it looks lovely with the first LL coord! *_*