Monday, December 16, 2013

VENT order arrived - Liz Lisa jumper skirt OP, navy jumper skirt, beret & Tralala 3-way bag

My recent VENT order arrived! 

I really love this dress! The design of the 'fake blouse' inside a jumper skirt is cute and easy to wear. I typically prefer to have dresses with a zipper opening (rather than having to pull it over my head), but this dress has plenty of elastic in the waistband and the buttons in the false top are functional so there's no problem there. The length of the dress is a lot better than I anticipated, and I really like how it looks paired with my Liz Lisa boots! I love this look so much that I finally took the plunge to wear my boots in Hawaii. I also wore the Liz Lisa beret with this outfit :)

As expected, this jumper skirt is fabulous. I actually have a lot of navy in my Liz Lisa wardrobe already, and I'm happy to add this piece. The color is truly great, and the 'lace' print at the bottom is really pretty. I'm a little concerned that there's some weird bunching at the waistline where the skirt starts so that it's a little poofy in the front, but I guess it's not too obvious in pictures. I think this will pair well with most of my white Liz Lisa tops, but I'm not extremely sure what shoes will go best with this. It's been rainy and grey here lately so I haven't been able to take a series of good pictures to try everything out. Maybe more to come later :3

Liz Lisa White Basque beret with flowers
I think I'm not wearing it correctly in the pictures above with my Juge Etta dress, and truthfully I'm still not 100% sure I do know how to wear it. I wore it to the mall yesterday with the white dress differently than I did above but I was constantly checking if it was falling off my head lol. I better google it :| In any case, I like this hat more than I anticipated! The material is not as soft as I thought it would be, but that's not a big deal since at least it's not itchy. I also thought maybe I wouldn't like the flowers, but the small detail they add is nice. Kind of an odd hat choice for Hawaii, but I really like how it looks with much of my existing wardrobe. I'm glad I bought it.

Tralala Quilted double belt bag in pink
Bigger than I expected it to be! I probably could have reasonably used this for school and fit several folders and notebooks in it. I'm still trying to fluff it up a bit since it ships flat, but so far I like it. Definitely not something I have in my closet already in terms of bag shape as well as color. I anticipate that the LP Boston bags will be around this size or a little bigger. I guess I don't need one of those now lol. The material is softer than I anticipated on the purse as well as the straps it comes with (not shown). There are actually three snap closures in the front. One under each brown buckle and another under the bow so it seems really secure.
It's a 3-way bag so it can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag or backpack. There are actually 2 straps included (my Ank Rouge handbag/backpack only came with one) and both straps have a lot of versatility in terms of length although I prefer my backpack straps to be a bit shorter than the minimum I'm allowed for this. I don't anticipate using it as a backpack very often though. This bag will probably spend most of it's time being used as a shoulder bag.

*will update with more pictures when I have better lighting*

Overall, I'm glad I made this order. I definitely didn't want to miss out on the navy jumper skirt, and I do actually like everything. I've already worn the dress once, and I see myself wearing it again this month with the beret as well.

In case you were wondering,
12/5     I place my order with VENT
12/6     VENT ships my order to Tenso
12/9     Tenso acknowledges receipt of my package
12/9     I pay Tenso (4700yen EMS + 980yen Service = 5680yen total)
12/10   Tenso ships my package
12/14   My package is delivered
Typically (all of my past 17 orders except for one), Tenso alerts me to my package's arrival the day after VENT ships it regardless of whether it's the weekend or not. Even if you took the weekend into account, although 12/9 was a Monday for me, at the time I received the email, it was Tuesday in Japan. I was at least expecting to get the email by 12/8 and was impatiently waiting that whole time because the sooner it ships, the less chance it has to arrive in Hawaii on a Friday or Saturday which prolongs the shipping process because customs and the post office don't work on certain days. That being said, the shipping was very fast this time with seemingly no delays, and since the attempted delivery was on a Saturday, I was able to receive the package rather than miss it like I usually do because I'm at work so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.
Regardless, I hope that this isn't going to be how Tenso is forever and that the slow processing is because of a busy season. I like Tenso because I can trust their service but also because I feel that they are fast(ish). If they're going to continue to take more than a couple days to process my incoming package, maybe I'll look for other alternatives...

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!


  1. That dress! I think Cindy/Wendy(?) also bought the same one. Maybe we should make triplet pictures in it www
    The bag was big, right? I just purchased a similar type of bag from LL and was flabbergasted at how big it is, I can put my dslr in and there's still plenty of space left O . O

    1. Haha yes I think it's Wendi! Those two are so lucky to have a sister to share their interests :3
      The bag is big! Definitely bigger than I expected haha. I didn't check out the measurements though so I guess that's my fault.

  2. I had a delay with Tenso before. I didn't hear from them 2 days after they received the package from VENT so I emailed them. They said they need at least 24hrs to calculate and make sure everything is correct. Shit happens I guess. But you got your items and it looks great. That bag looks really big when you model it. I just love big bags! ^^

    <3 Sachiko

  3. Haha yeah the first time I had a Tenso delay, I emailed them as well and they said the same thing -__-. I was quite surprised at the quality and size of the bag! Much better than expected :)
    Did you get your 5000yen happy bag yet?

    1. The 5000yen bag is still at Tenso's warehouse. I'm waiting until they receive the lucky bags so I can have them consolidate it ^^ oh man is shipping gonna take a toll on my wallet.

      <3 Sachiko

    2. Oh wait I just read their conditions for consolidating, darn it'll be separate shipping. >.<

      <3 Sachiko

    3. Ugh. Tenso and EMS fees kill :|

  4. OMG, you're so charming with the two first outfits!! Really cute <3 I especially love the style of the white dress *-*
    And the bag is very cute :)

    1. Ahh me too. I wasn't 100% sure about the white OP after I ordered it, but I'm so pleased with it in person!