Thursday, December 5, 2013

Liz Lisa 2014 Fukubukuro!

I'm very late making this post, but better late than never because at least I'll have this post to look back and reference during 2015's fukubukuro :3 I wish I had done this for the 2013 one :(
Anyway, here are the lucky packs/fukubukuro that Liz Lisa is offering for 2014! (images and info from

            Looking for information about 2015 Liz Lisa fukubukuro?

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The LPs that are featured on VENT -
They're all along the same color line, so if you get all 3, you'll have a nice matching set of brown accessories. I know how much I like that my pink trunk from last year matches with the Rose tote :)

The big item this year is the Rich Vintage Rose Carry -
This trunk contains 9 items worth 60,000yen. I believe one of the items is a blanket. You should be able to create 3 coordinates with the items. The cost of this LP is 210000yen. I would estimate the shipping with Tenso (based on my similar trunk's weight last year) to be around 13800yen. Total it would be around $350. (Wtf this year's yen to USD rate is way better than last year.) If you count the trunk as an item, that comes out to $35/item for 10 items.
I really like the floral pattern on the body of the trunk. The brown straps and accents match the Classical LPs. The design of this carry looks very similar to last year's pink one with the details on the corners, heart studs, and straps. And it still has the number combo lock on the side. The only difference I can see from the pictures from last year's trunk carry seems to be the handles and how they connect to the luggage. I wonder if they had issues with last year's trunk and decided to make that change for this one. I didn't have any issues with mine, but I haven't used it very much either :| I was really on the fence about ordering this because I'm incredibly curious about what's inside. However, I don't really need another luggage, and I although I like the floral, I personally don't like this pattern better than the one I already have because the one I have is pink :3
This item sold out on 12/4 but it restocked 2 days later! This didn't happen last year. I wonder if the contents of the first round of sales will be different than the second. I hope someone from tumblr ordered from the second round (I already know people ordered from the first), so we can compare!
EDIT: I just got a teeny tiny hint that MaruQ maybeee might possibly be selling these! If (BIG if) they do, they will likely only be available for sale in-store at MaruQ, so if they sell them and if you live in SF or know someone who does, you're super lucky! Again, just to clarify, there's no official announcement that this will happen (because it really might not), so I wouldn't bet all your marbles on it if you know you 100% want to order it. Based on the hint I got, I just wanted to make this note saying that instead of thinking MaruQ has a 0% chance of selling the trunk, to me, it's now at 5-10%.

Next is the Classical Ribbon Tote -
This tote contains 5 items worth 30000yen. I believe one of the items is a coat and another is a pouch (like a cosmetic or pencil pouch). Create 2 coordinates with the items. The cost of this LP is 10500yen. I would estimate the shipping with Tenso to cost around 8000yen. I haven't been able to talk to anyone who bought only the tote last year so I have no idea how accurate my estimate is, sorry. (If anyone did and can go back in their Tenso orders and find out, lmk!) Total, that's around $185. If you count the tote as an item, it comes out to about $30.80/item for 6 items.
The design of this tote looks very similar to last year's white one. I don't own the white one, so I can't say for sure. Overall, this bag seems very practical. It would certainly look good stacked on the trunk above when traveling. I'm personally not a huge fan of the color so I don't have any plans to purchase this. Especially since I already have a tote this size.

The last bag in the Classical line is the Classical Ribbon Boston
The bag contains 3 items worth 15000yen.  I believe there will be an OP and 2 coordinating items, one of which I anticipate being a knit/sweater. The cost of this LP is 5250yen. Based on several others' Tenso shipping costs for last year's Boston bag, I estimate the cost of shipping with Tenso being around 5000yen for a total of around $103. If you count the bag as an item, it's about $26/item for 4 items.
I like the design of this purse. It's a little plain (there's a bow but no frills or anything), but it also seems very practical because of the design and color. I like that there are three options to carry it - short handle, shoulder bag, backpack. I was highly considering ordering this LP because I already know I'm going to like 1/4 of the items (the bag). Also because I figure the OP and knit won't be extremely horrible. I think I'll wait for the release of the contents though. I like it, but I'm not dying for this.

The last option from VENT is the Classical SET -
It's basically exactly what it appears to be - the Classical Ribbon Tote together with the Classical Ribbon Boston. Together they contain 8 items (5 from the tote + 3 from the boston). The cost of this set is 15750yen. I would estimate the shipping with Tenso to be around the same what I paid for the trunk (13800yen), but honestly I feel like this estimate could be a bit low. The bags themselves actually do add some weight. Using my rough shipping estimate, the total is around $300 for 10 items if you count the bags. That's about $30/item.
This is a good choice if you know you want both. I don't know if there are any advantages of ordering the set versus ordering the tote and boston separately, but I know you're supposed to be able to create more coordinates because you have both.

The LPs that are only available in physical store locations -
The Rich Vintage Rose Carry in 109 limited color -
Basically the same as the Rich Vintage Rose Carry above in terms of contents (9 items) and cost (21000yen),  but instead of the brown color scheme, this one is a blue floral with eggshell(?) details. This is only available at 109 Liz Lisa store locations - Shibuya 109, Machida 109, and Shizuoka 109. If you live outside of Japan and want this trunk, I do not think MaruQ will offer this, so your best bet is an in-store shopping service. I've never used one before so I do not have any recommendations ready, but it seems there are a few that people in the Lolita community frequent. I would think that the contents of this limited color trunk would be different than the brown one, but I don't know for sure.

 The Heartful Monogram Tote -
This is the counterpart to the Classical Ribbon Tote. The Heartful Monogram line is only available in stores (aka not through VENT). The number of contents will be the same (5) and the type will also likely be the same (at least 1 coat and 1 pouch), but the style of the clothes is likely to be different. The cost is still 10500yen. Your choices for purchase are an in-store shopping service or *possibly* MaruQ. [As far as I know, MaruQ has not announced their plans for fukubukuro. I have faith in Tiffa's confirmation that they will be selling them, but I have no idea when they will start taking orders, which packs they will be offering, or the exact price they will be asking. If they follow the same pattern as last year, they will be offering the in-store line. I'm crossing my fingers that they do.] Last year for the Rose tote, I paid $150 for the LP and $15 for the shipping within the US. Assuming they will be pricing the packs the same, it will be $165 for 6 items (counting the tote); $27.50/item.
I like this monogram pattern on the tote better than the brown personally. It's less sophisticated, but to me, it's more fun. I don't need my tote bags to be taken seriously lol. I also like this pink color. I plan to order this from MaruQ if they offer it, especially if the price is the same.

The Heartful Monogram Boston -
This is the in-store counterpart to the Classical Ribbon Boston. Again, the number of contents are the same (3) and the type (1 OP and 2 coordinating items), but the style of the clothes will be different. The cost is still 5250yen. Similarly to the Monogram tote, your choices for purchase are an in-store shopping service or *possibly* MaruQ (please see above for my comment about the possibility of MaruQ carrying this line). If I remember correctly (and someone please correct me if you know differently), MaruQ priced the boston bags for $75 and shipped them for $5. Based on these prices that I'm somehow pulling from memory, that's $80 for 4 items if you count the bag; $20/item.
While I quite enjoy this monogram pattern on the tote, I'm not personally not 100% fond of it on a purse. I would sport the print as a backpack, but not as an everyday purse. Again, the design of the bag is the same as the Classical Ribbon Boston. It's a 3-way purse (long strap/short strap/backpack). I do not think I will order this, but I am curious about the contents. I hope someone else orders it and shares pictures :)

The Liz Lisa x My Melody trunk carry -
The last Liz Lisa fukubukuro option for 2014! This is a Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration trunk carry. The design of the trunk is the same as the Rich Vintage Rose Carry (as well as the 109 limited color trunk carry) but in a pink floral + My Melody color scheme with pink details that seem to match the Heartful Monogram pink. There are also 9 items in this trunk, but the two contents they listed you will receive are a My Melody blanket and pouch. This leads me to believe that the contents of this trunk will be different than the one offered by VENT. I'm not sure if all the contents will be Liz Lisa x My Melody related though. (Someone who can actually read Japanese and has some free time might look over this page and tell me if it says something I wasn't able to pick up with my limited Japanese and a translator.) I wonder if the contents will be the rejects of the Liz Lisa x My Melody sales... The cost of this trunk carry is different than the others. It's 26250yen. The blog page didn't seem to list if this was only available at specific shops, but if you're planning on using a shopping service, I would advise having them call ahead to the location they plan to visit to inquire about selling this specific trunk if you're interested in it. I do not believe MaruQ will offer this trunk.
Since I like pink (I think I mentioned that like 50x already wtf), I like this pattern the best of all the trunks. I'm not the hugest fan of My Melody, but I definitely don't hate her. When I first happened upon pictures of this LP, I didn't even realize it was a MM collab item until I read the description and looked closely at the pattern. Once you know she's there, it's hard to miss her though lol. I would like it a lot more if it was just pink floral, but I do like the Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration items, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I really do wonder what makes this LP worth 5250 more than the other trunks - is it just the design on the outside, or are the items inside extra awesome (because they're collab items)? I have no idea, but I'm dying to know lol. Too bad I don't know anyone in Japan well enough to impose on them to stand in line for me to buy this!

So far, nothing for me! I will update later if VENT decides to release the contents like they did last year and when MaruQ announces their Lucky Pack orders!

new --> **Click HERE for my review of the Liz Lisa x My Melody fukubukuro I received!**
new --> **Click HERE for my 2014 Liz Lisa recap/actual photo reveals post**
            **Click HERE for my 2014 Liz Lisa sample reveal post**

A quick note about MaruQ based on my experience last year (please see my analysis post for more info) - Although I didn't mention it in their blurbs, MaruQ is likely to offer both the Classical Ribbon Tote & Classical Ribbon Boston, so they will be an alternative for those who do not wish to order these particular items from VENT. While I feel like the price MaruQ offers is more than fair, waiting until March for my LP to arrive was quite torturous. You can see that when you break down the "per item" price, MaruQ seems to be the better option over VENT, but keep in mind that with VENT, you will get your item within the first two weeks of January (unless there are problems with customs), but if you order with MaruQ, you might not get it until March.


  1. Depending on my wallet condition, I'll probably get my hand on The Heartful Monogram Boston as well ; w ;
    Your speculation about My Mellody Trunk carrying My Mellody Reject items make me want to buy it as well because I quiet like their collabs ; w ;

    1. I'm so jealous that you have a chance to get all the in-store LPs! And you also save so much by not having to pay for shipping lol :3 Can't wait to see what you get!

  2. I bought all 3 the rich vintage rose carry and classical set right when they release at 7PM (Japan Time) ... I was so excited yet nervous, waiting for that particular time and instant refresh and bought it at VENT ONLINE. I was nervous because i missed the trunk last year, it was sold out instant like the next day i found out (?) SO i thought this year they would sold out super fast... but turns out after a week or something they're not sold out yet. (.x_x.);; and once they're sold out they restocked again ?? ahh!!! It feels a little unfair cause i was waiting for them to release like two hours (infront of my screen) . Today i received an email(japanese) from VENT and they said due to lots of requests .. we're restocking the fukubukuro again ! :D " OMGGGGGGGGGG THAT"S JUST.... :| WHAT. I feel so :( I knew it wouldn't be like last year.
    I use tenso site too.. and OMG after i calculate on your shipping estimation .. i'm like oh god the shipping is killing me . (I'm from malaysia (MYR) , so the rate is super crazy, lucky you Q_Q USD.. )

    1. If I 100% knew I wanted to buy the bags from VENT, I would have done the same as you! I was somehow awake at the time of release (I'm usually sleeping lol), and I swear to you my heart was beating out of my chest as I was trying to decide if I wanted to place an order or not. I feel like I was really lucky to get the Premium Trunk Carry last year when I was so new to ordering from VENT.
      I totally get how you feel about them constantly restocking the LPs lol. I got the email today as well. I definitely didn't expect that at all. I bet the contents will be different in the different batches so maybe they won't show us a preview this year :(
      Tenso shipping rates really kill, but the good thing is that EMS is typically very fast and comes with tracking. For me, it only takes one day from the time of departure in Japan to the package's arrival in Hawaii, but what takes a long time is my local post office and processing lol. Especially during the holiday season.
      I purposefully made my shipping estimates a little high for people who are trying to budget. I would hate for someone to just barely save a minimum amount but then have the Tenso fees be much more than they expected and have to abandon it at Tenso for awhile until they gather the money ): But I really hope the fees are not as high as I estimated. I think there is also one less item in both the tote and trunk carry this year so maybe that will make them lighter! The USD to yen conversion is pretty good right now, but last year they were *awful*. I would have paid more than 50USD less if I had this year's conversion rate on my last year's order so I totally get you.
      Since you made the decision to go for the big risk of getting all three LPs, you also have the chance of such a high reward! I can't wait to see what you get :3 I know I'm going to be jealous that I didn't order anything :)

    2. Aww yeahh.. :( but just wondering and MAY be sure that in Malaysia , i'd be taxed for buying so many of em... :\ I bought 3 LPs and also my friend bought me Tralala(Penderie) and Dolly Heart? I think :D .. what worried me is the tenso's shipping fees AND what's worse is getting taxed in my country ( i have to pay again !?!?!? ) oh -dead.
      Wonder if i can declare for low item value? and separately ship from tenso?

    3. Unfortunately that's one of the realities of buying internationally...Your country wants to to keep your business domestic :|
      It is *possible* to declare a lower value with Tenso especially for the LPs, but I can/will not publicly condone that as it is illegal (here, at least). I don't know if you can use a different service to ship to you after it arrives at Tenso unless you ship from Tenso to another service first.
      Good luck to you though! Many people do not get hit with the fees, and I hope you are one of them!

    4. Ohh.. illegal .. x_X i don't know if my country .../// Ahhhh !!! Well, i really do envy your blog :( You can buy loads of LL clothes !! Ahh the watch !! I want them so badly . :\ Even though there are sales, but converting it to my country ( MYR ) is still SOOO expensive. Yet to count the tenso shipping :( AHHHHHH. I wish i am rich :( I only save for lucky bags. But this time isn't as exclusive as last year. I wonder if there's anyone complaining about it ?

    5. Haha yeah the majority of the money I make from my job goes to the occasional splurge at Liz Lisa. You're going to easily have close to the amount I have with all that you ordered though! I feel you at the exchange rate because of what I had to deal with a couple years ago, but thankfully it's yen to USD is much better now. Tenso is a bit expensive but it's only because they use the fastest and most reliable shippng company. I would rather pay a bit more to have a tracking number and get my goods within a week than save $20 and have my package lost at sea forever!
      I think certain lucky packs are more exclusive like the My Melody trunk and the 109 limited color, but despite that, Liz Lisa wants to make money so if people want to buy their product, it's to their advantage to keep making more! I do want them to stay in business so I'm happy that they seem to be doing well. I'm just happy they have an online store because a handful of years ago, they didn't! It was a lot more exclusive then :3

  3. Just found your blog when I was looking for information about Liz Lisa fukubukuro, and this post was so helpful, thanks! I love the rest of your blog, too! About the eggshell trunk - do you know if it's available now, or do you have to wait until January 1st? I like the colour more than the pink one, but I'll be away from Tokyo on the 1st of January, so if it's being released then maybe I should order the pink one so I don't miss out completely :S

    1. Oh yay I'm glad you found me!
      Since fukubukuro are New Year's items, they will not be available in stores until January.
      The blue floral/eggshell trunk that's a 109 limited color I believe will be on sale Jan 2 in physical 109 store locations. I would call/go to the closest one to you to find out exactly when their sales start just to be sure though.
      The pink My Melody one is much of the same except you should probably be able to go to any store location. I believe the Harajuku store might start their sale on 1/1 though.
      The only one I know that you can order for sure at this moment is the brown trunk and the brown bags from VENT Online Store. You place your order and pay now, but it won't ship until around 1/2 I believe.

  4. So how did you get the Liz Lisa x My Melody trunk again? was it only offered in Japan like some of the other bags or what? I got the classical ribbon boston bag from MARUQ, but I don't know when I'm going to get it. :/

    1. Hi I wrote about that in subsequent posts such as this one - and in my review of the shopping service I used - It was only available for in-store purchase so I needed a shopping service to purchase it. Hopefully you'll receive your LP from MARUQ within the month!

  5. Replies
    1. I am not a retailer but I do own a suitcase from 2013 and one from 2014 as well. This is just an informational post. If you are interested in this year's fukubukuro from Liz Lisa, check out the 2015 post with links to buy them here - []

  6. Hey, i was wondering if you're looking to sell your suitcase since it's impossible to buy them anywhere else without it being super overpriced. If so, please reach me at

    1. I've already sold the two suitcases that I wasn't using (and were in new condition). The three remaining ones I have are used but I would consider selling them eventually. It would be easier to communicate with you off anon if there is genuine interest!
      Otherwise, consider checking out secondhand sites such as yahoo auctions, mercari, etc.

  7. I'd totally take them off your hands if you ever decide to sell, i dont really know how this site works so that's why i went anonymous but please hit up my email if you would like to communicate about selling. May i ask which style are the ones you're left with?

    1. No problem. Just didn't want to be lured into some email hack by "Anonymous" lol.
      I have the solid pink version from 2013 (used once or twice during a trip as a carry on suitcase), the hard case from 2012 (used/secondhand but never used by me) and the 2015 rose ribbon embossed pink version (used most recently and frequently and among the three). All are in good condition but in comparison, the 2013 version is probably the best, followed by the 2012 hard case and then the 2015 one.