Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yet another VENT order - LL plaid skirt, belt, pumps, Xmas gifts

I saw that Liz Lisa is offering a novelty item, and I decided that I really wanted it! I have to spend at least 12600yen from Liz Lisa to get this novelty item which is a blanket. At least that's my understanding of it. Whenever I order something for the sake of a novelty item, I just hope what I thought I understood actually happens, lol.

Last week, I received this top from my host mom (stock photo on the left, actual top on the right)
So I decided to order the matching skirt!

I also need a belt to go with one of the dresses I already own, so...belt! Both the skirt and the belt were in the "Outlet Shop" in VENT which you have to log in to see.

To get my total up past 12600yen, I let my mother convince me that I need these shoes which are listed as part of the Liz Lisa My Melody Special Collection. When they were first released, I wasn't sure if I wanted them at full price because the back seemed kind of bulky to me, but the more I saw them worn in the blogs by shop staff, the more I liked them! The only color left in stock (in any size) was pink which was completely fine with me! After I placed my order and looked back at the listing, the shoe is now sold out in L (my size) so it seems like I got the last pair! I'm really looking forward to getting them.
I really like the pumps that Liz Lisa releases for the Fall/Winter seasons. I wear the ones I got last year with so many outfits. I feel like these shoes will be a good alternative to those so they don't get worn out too fast :|. I actually love all of the shoes that I've purchased from Liz Lisa. Maybe later I'll do a post dedicated to shoes :3

The next few items I added to my cart that are meant to be gifts for family/friends at Christmas. All are from the Liz Lisa Doll section of the Outlet Shop.

This tshirt for my cousin's wife's daughter -
And this skirt/shorts. It looks like a skirt in the front, but in the back you can see it's actually shorts! We ordered it in blue (on the left), but the other views of the items were only in the yellow green color (on the right). Obviously the skirt is the same color in the front and the back, but I'm showing both here so you can see what I meant in my explanation lol.
I have a skirt/shorts like this that I bought when I was in Japan :3
And my mom really liked these tote bags and thought her sisters might too, so we ordered one in each color -
I feel like the shipping might be a bit high for this order. I'd estimate at least $80. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I know it'll be more LOL. The shoes will kill. Also, crossing my fingers that this doesn't catch too much attention at customs o_o

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!


  1. I really wanted the blanket but I'm scared after this novelty fair is over, they'll come up with a sale for this year's autumn collection T____T
    What should I do, Emiii-chan? T___T

    1. Hmmm. I had the same concern, but there are also not a large amount of items that I'm dying to get my hands on right now. They've had several novelty items come and go and still no large sale, so it's really hard to say. If there's anything you really really want in a specific colorway, I personally wouldn't wait because regret is never a good thing, but if you're on a budget, I would cross my fingers and wait!

    2. I decided to purchase yesterday = w = I really need blanket anyways.
      Aaaah, you're so lucky Liz Lisa have your shoe size, I just have to give them up because there's no way they can fit my feet T___T

    3. Oh yay! We will be blanket twins :3 And yeah, I feel really lucky that I'm able to fit well into a Japanese shoe size :|