Sunday, November 17, 2013

US East Coast trip + outfit photos

If you follow me on Tumblr, you may have seen my note that I was going on vacation for a few days. I went with my parents and my brother's girlfriend to visit my brother at college on the east coast! I've never been there in November, but my brother told us, "it's not cold" so I packed accordingly. Apparently for the week(ish) that we were there, a cold front had moved in. The area usually sits comfortably in the 60s, but while we were there, it was a good 10-20 degrees colder, and I regretted not bringing my coat (which I didn't pack at the last minute). That weather might not be very cold for many of you, but it's very cold for us. Especially because we weren't prepared for it, and we spend most of the year in 80 degree weather here haha :|

Anyway, here's a few pictures of places we went and things I wore! I rarely have a chance to dress for anything below 70 degrees (blah omg it's so hot here -__-) so this is probably my last opportunity for awhile to create coordinates for cold(er) weather. And my first opportunity for me to use my Liz Lisa luggage (from the 2013 fukubukuro) and my Liz Lisa tote (from a different 2013 fukubukuro)!
 I managed to pack all of my clothes into these two bags which were my two carry-ons. I was really afraid that the airline people would say my luggage was too big and make me check it (which would ruin it for sure), but it didn't stir up any negative attention *phew*
I don't have any pictures of my outfit for the plane ride/first night except this really awful one -
I actually packed the boots in the tote until we landed at our final destination and initially boarded the plane in slippers lol. We had a layover in Chicago, and my brother's gf and I were walking around in shorts (I had even taken off my jacket for awhile because the airport was quite warm) and people were giving us such weird looks! Haha. When we first got a taste of what the temperature was like where we were staying, we were surprised about how cold it was and didn't care much what we looked like at that point lol. Anyway, I hope that explains why I look like that -__-

The second day, we got a tour of the campus and also went to the Navy versus UH football game.
I wore my Liz Lisa Doll set with my Liz Lisa boots, which were the only footwear I brought with me besides slippers, so I wore them everyday! They were actually quite comfortable even with all the walking we did :3
One of many pictures of me in "Autumn" lol. We don't get 4 seasons in Hawaii so my brother's gf and I took lots of pictures in front of the changing leaves :)
 We had seats that were 4 rows from the field! Usually when I go to the UH games, we sit in the upper sections so it was cool to be really close. My outfit for that day was good during the daytime when there was sunlight, but as soon as the sun when down and the temperature dropped to the 40s, I was freezing! Especially my hands :| The LLD set is actually very warm though. The blazer is made of a really good quality material that's too thick to really wear in Hawaii and under that is a knit sweater/top.

The third day, I didn't really go out and do anything exciting. We did buy a grill from Home Depot (that ended up taking 3 stores and 3 hours - don't ask) and stop at the mall really quickly for a frying pan where I quickly snapped this picture -
I've posted this outfit before without the sweater so it's nothing special, haha. Basically that day we made dinner for the people we were staying with. I think the weather was pretty fair, but I was hardly outside so I don't really know lol.

The next day, we went shopping! Ikea was a must for us. It's probably not a big deal to many of you, but we don't have them in Hawaii, so we like to go to places like that when we visit the mainland :3
I wore a Liz Lisa top with my Tralala suspender skirt (and ofc the boots)
 Lol idk what I was doing ^^. We ended up buying the dog for my grandma because she likes bulldogs.
And...selfie, lol. IN AUTUMN.  bahaha.
 Another shot of my outfit. IN AUTUMN omgthecolorsoftheleaves. The straps on the skirt were kind of annoying because they kept falling down, but otherwise, I was quite pleased with my outfit that day lol.
A non-mirror/iphonepic in the backyard of the house at which we were staying. I wore the pom pom sweater when I was outdoors. 
We also went to a mall, and I tried on a few things -
White dress from Forever 21 - I liked it a lot but it was a bit big in the armpit and collar area so I didn't purchase.
Black dress from H&M (another store we don't have it in Hawaii) - I bought this for work :3
From Trader Joe's -
We bought a lot of Speculoos product because people seem to like that.

On the last day of being able to do stuff, we stopped one last time at the campus
Then we decided to go to DC because my brother's gf has never been there. This was the coldest day yet. There was a chance of snow in the morning but we only saw 2 semi-flakes of snow :| It was around 38-42 degrees all day! We were not prepared for this kind of cold at all, so we were driving to every location and literally running out to take a picture and running back to the car, haha.
I wore my new Liz Lisa floral OP with a Liz Lisa top underneath. It was so cold that I wore my pink cropped jacket over my pom pom sweater. The sweater was quite bulky under the jacket so I couldn't bend my arms all the way lol.
 Same peace sign pose all over the place :|
By the time we got to Iwojima the sky looked like this ^! It was so pretty~
 Somehow my iPhone also managed to capture this lighting too :)
Georgetown Cupcakes was the final stop before we headed out of the DC area.
Back where we were staying, we did some last-minute shopping at Trader Joe's, AC Moore and DSW. I think this was by far my favorite outfit of the trip. I'm glad I got to wear it on a day where we took a lot of pictures!

The very last day was basically just flying. We left at 05:15AM and spent the whole day either in airports or on airplanes. When we left the house, it was 27 degrees, but I was fine because we didn't spend much time outside. I'm back in shorts because that's what I packed for the plane ride before realizing how cold it might be :\

And that's it! Sorry many of the photos were taken by my parents with my iPhone which they can't focus for some reason -__- so they're not very good quality :(
It was a very Liz Lisa trip for me - Liz Lisa luggage, tote, purse, clothes, boots. I'm sad I didn't take my Liz Lisa coat as well, but I somehow managed fine without it. If I had packed it, I probably wouldn't have been able to fit everything in those two bags anyway. I kind of forced myself into dressing a certain way because I brought such a limited amount of clothes but I was happy although quite cold on some occasions :) A good trip overall.


  1. Wow, love your schoolgirly outfit with the plaid skirt and your pink luggage! I am obsesed with Liz Lisa as well! <3

    I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | 4 Steps: Bigger Rounder Doll Eyes

    1. Thanks! Happy to find another Liz Lisa lover <3

  2. Your luggage are cute :) I love so much your Liz Lisa Döll blazer, I want the same!!! *-* Again, love your outfits <3

    1. Ugh the luggage is my favorite Liz Lisa item. Liz Lisa Doll was offering school girl-esque sets again this year with more variation. They're really cute!

    2. Yep, I saw them but I absolutely want a navy blazer with white "borders" ^^

    3. Oh yes I loved the color and trim on this particular one. Happy I was able to nab it on sale.