Thursday, September 7, 2023

August 2023 recap - Camp Baird, Yatsugatake hike & COA Ginza haircut

August has felt like a very long month! We were lucky to have a decent mix of "doing stuff" and "doing nothing" which makes sense with the humidity/summer heat being what it was. 

Camping at Baird Brewery in Izu, Shizuoka
Our friends have been camping at Baird a number of times, but this was the first time we were available to join them! It is a brewery in Izu that also runs an outdoor camping area (tent camping, car camping and small units available as well). 
We arrived on Saturday and set up our 3 tents and canopy (our tent was the smallest because it's our 2 person backpacking tent lol). 
Lots of space for badminton and doggos to hang out.
We went into the brewery for some AC and refreshments. They also had some board games available.
But cooked dinner and breakfast for ourselves (we stayed 2 nights). 
Cozy space in our tent. We had to use the rain cover because...of course it rained both nights wtf.
The two of us (couples) that stayed Sunday to Monday were the only ones who remained in this space! We had pretty much the entire area to ourselves but not much to do because it was so, so muggy if it wasn't completely downpouring lol. 
Overall it was a successful camping trip in that my husband and I figured out we don't really love camping lmao. 

Mt Tengu hike (Yatsugatake)
Already blogged in an earlier post, but we intended to do a Mt Iodake hike at Yatsugatake in Nagano, but ended up hiking Mt Tengu because we started at the wrong trailhead!
Of course it rained on us, no view, blah blah blah lol. So many things went wrong, but it somehow ended up being an enjoyable day hike in the end. Check out my full post here & other hiking posts here!

Haircut from COA Ginza コア 銀座
I've been needing a haircut for a long time, but out of laziness (and maybe cheapness), I was putting it off. I finally committed to trying to find a salon that would help provide recommendations for bangs shape and booked an appointment on HotPepper Beauty. My specific appointment was with Hayashi-san for cut, color and treatment. 
I arrived at the salon just about 10 minutes early and was greeted by the reception staff warmly. I did need to use Google Translate to communicate with Hayashi-san a little bit, but managed to get through it alright (I think)! I had initially hoped to talk more about this, but it was overall a pretty average hair salon experience minus the language barrier!
Before & After
Unfortunately couldn't recreate in the same lighting because when I exited the salon, it was raining. It's not a big change, but I'm just happy to have it cut. I need to remind myself that longer hair isn't always better. I do prefer this current length a lot. I do have a small urge to go much shorter next time though...

What we ate
Roadside station station stop

Kura Sushi

Marumo Kitchen マルモキッチン

Harupin Ramen ハルピンラーメン

Yakiniku King

Mendokoro Shinya (my husband tried the limited cold niboshi ramen)


9th Keisuke 九代目けいすけ

Mendokoro Shinya again

Amara Indian Curry & Nan 

Personal life/Miscellaneous
It continues to be hot. And seemingly hotter than last year some how. Still trying to take advantage of the time to wear open toed sandals and tops/dresses without sleeves! This month's OOTDs can be found here
I'm looking longingly at the cardigans and knits in my closet and can't wait to wear them lol. Doesn't help that I preordered a cute little coat (after promising myself the one I bought last year was the last one.)

It's bon odori season! Lots of neighborhood celebrations and crowds near the different temples. The one nearest our house was the last weekend in August, and we got to see the "parade" go by on the street. We accidentally ended up running alongside another one a bit farther out during one of our longer runs earlier in the month too. It's really nice to see people being able to gather together and celebrate again. 

Also ended the month flying out of Japan back to the US! I'll have more to write in September since that's where the bulk of the trip was and why this post is late :)

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