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Japan trip Winter 2019 - What we ate

For those whose primary interest is food/eating in Japan, this is a recap of what we ate during our 6 day trip in Tokyo! Since I went with a slightly different blogging format, some of these items/restaurants didn't qualify for their own posts, but I still wanted to share them. There are also some repeats for the sake of covering everything foodwise, but I'll link any relevant posts for more information.

Day 1 - DisneySea and Disneyland [read more] all day snacks!
Expedition Eats Yucatan sausage rolls: one of favorites in the whole park, especially great when taking our first break from riding attractions.

Banacle Bill's Sausage with bone (with cheese): seasonal/Christmas food item with basically a fake "bone" that isn't edible. Essentially is as it is described.

Popcorn cart garlic shrimp popcorn: Huge favorite of my husband's this day. He said taste was very true to flavor and it's understandable why the line for this cart is so long. It's worth the wait!

Restaurant Sakura Terrace Seat okonomiyaki roll: Another seasonal/Christmas item. This roll is not crunchy as we anticipated based on the photos lol. It really is just a rolled up okonomiyaki. My husband enjoyed this one!

Popcorn cart caramel popcorn: Got this for myself because we encountered it before the salt one and I just really wanted popcorn. It doesn't compare to Garrett's in the slightest but the smell from the cart always gets me. It's enjoyable but not fantastic.

Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen Seafood Cream Calzone: Interesting and a bit small for the price.

Captain Hook's Galley Teriyaki chicken pizza: Actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought the yellow chunks would have been pineapple but they're potato!

Zambini Brothers Ristorante Creamy spaghetti with meat sauce, long pizza (ratatouille and basil) and Fantastic Flight churro (pineapple): The spaghetti was for me because I wanted something a bit hardier but not so exotic and it fit the bill exactly. Long pizza is basically just a split topping pizza that's pinched in the middle. An interesting concept and actually had filling all the way through the middle instead of just bread there! The pineapple flavored churro was a bit disappointing but the color is noteworthy despite the slight soap taste.

Popcorn cart shoyu & butter popcorn: Certainly another favorite of my husband's. As much as I like shoyu and popcorn separately, I just can't get on board with them together for some reason. It's worth trying at least once if you haven't had it.

Day 2 - Pokemon Cafe [read more] lunch
Pikachu face mild curry: For a theme cafe, I actually thought this meal was pretty good. However, it's pretty hard to screw up curry and rice. The yellow rice seemed like it was just food coloring (no additional flavor) and every part of it was edible. I really enjoyed the fried potato stars as well! My least favorite part was the white part of Pikachu's eyes lol. I would order this again.

Snorlax lunch plate with Zapdos boba soda float: Chicken and mix rice with a salad is, again, a pretty hard meal to screw up. My husband enjoyed this for what it was but would order something more specific with the Pokemon theme if we get another opportunity to visit. The drink was surprisingly good as well. I think it was mango flavor!

Day 2 - airKitchen [read more] lunch take 2 
Homemade udon & associated kushiyaki we made ourselves!: My previous blog post covers this meal in its entirety and it was pretty good if I do say so myself lol. A cooking class with airKitchen is definitely something I would recommend and try again on a future trip in Japan!

Day 2 - Nijyu Maru dinner 
We met up with some friends who had a reservation at a tabe/nomihodai with a larger group. I didn't take any photos here because there were so many people that I didn't know, but they had a large assortment to choose from. Our biggest complaint was that they didn't seem to be very responsive to our orders which are submitted on a tablet system. Since there's a time limit, it kind of sucks when you order something and it doesn't come out for 30+ minutes or doesn't come out at all! Otherwise, the food that we did get was pretty good and my husband's favorite was the "mochi mochi cheese potato".

Day 3 - Ippudo in Asakusa lunch
After freezing our butts off in our kimono, we knew we wanted something warm for lunch like ramen and Ippudo has been recommended to us in the past when we were shopping in the area. English menu available upon request!

Shiomaru classic ramen (special): Husband's choice because he wanted to get something different from me. I think he preferred mine though!

Akamaru modern ramen

Day 3 - Uobei Dogenzaka Shibuya dinner 

Assorted sushi and desserts! Most are 100yen and so many choices. We love eating here, especially for a late night snack and wanted to introduce my friend J to it! Ordering is done on an individual tablet in front of each seat and language can easily be switched to English.

Day 4 - Family Mart Harajuku Takeshita street snack 
I just wanted to stop here for a quick snack, but this pretty much ended up being our lunch lol. Convenience store sandwiches and onigiri!

Day 4 - Ramen Museum [read more] dinner 
Please check out my previous blog post ^^ for more information about the Ramen Museum!
Ryus Noodle Bar mini ramen

Rishiri Ramen Miraku mini ramen 

Ryu Shanghai Honten mini (shoyu) ramen

Muku Zweite mini ramen 

Kateko Cafe soft serve and melon float 

Day 5 - Shotaro Harajuku lunch
We revisited Takashita street for some additional shopping and Shotaro was conveniently placed. I haven't eaten here in maybe 5 years, but it's located right near where Liz Lisa used to be and is very reasonably priced.
Tonkatsu fillet curry set

Tonkatsu fillet set: It's no Maisen, but I think it's still pretty good. Not the best but certainly not the worst, especially considering this entire meal for both of us was still cheaper than one at Maisen.

Day 5 - Toritake Shibuya dinner
Husband wanted to get yakitori for dinner but we didn't want to go very far from the Airbnb apartment. We looked up what was available in the area and settled on Toritake which is pretty close to the JR Shibuya station side of Mark City. The seating is multi-story and they also have English menus available.

Yakitori assorted chicken set and associated vegetable set + 1 additional yakitori and chicken breast white meat: Husband's favorite was the chicken skin and the chicken wings. This meal ended up being a bit pricey with drinks, but it was a good and interesting experience. We'd probably order ala carte next time now that we know a little bit more.

Day 6 - Botejyu Shinjuku Subnade lunch
This was another time when we knew we wanted to get okonomiyaki and just did a "okonomiyaki near me" type search when we left Shinjuku Gyoen. I've never been to this Subnade underground mall before, but it's pretty close to the Don Quixote with the view of the Godzilla in Shinjuku. English menu was available here and it's quite extensive!

Gyoza (appetizer)

Chicken karaage and rice: this was for me because I don't eat okonomiyaki. Nothing super special about it but that's kind of how I like my food lol. 

Seafood okonomiyaki: Unfortunately I dont remember the exact name of this dish because my husband was going back and forth between 3 choices and picked something on the spot when we were ordering lol. He liked it but would look forward to trying something different if we visit Botejyu again.

Day 6 - Answer Tea Takashimaya Shinjuku bubble tea

Day 6 - Hidamari Go Cafe [read more] dinner
This was all included in our learn to play Go Airbnb Experience. Check out my blog post ^^ for more information! We really enjoyed our meal and time at Hidamari.
Matcha latte

Curry rice

Zenzai with mochi and konbu

Day 6 - Coolish snack!
I know I'm late to the party, but I finally tried this. I don't really like vanilla or any of the flavors I typically see in the summer, so I took the opportunity when it presented itself in chocolate. Tbh it's just too much work for me to eat lol. I prefer simpler ice cream and popsicles.

Day 6 - Yoshinoya Haneda Airport snack take 2
Gyudon (M size) and pork donburi (L size): We just needed something to tide us over at the airport for our 23:55 flight. I don't like to be hungry on the airplane and am not a big fan of the breakfast meal that's served on the way back to Hawaii. We hadn't yet had gyudon during the trip and wanted something fast and easy so this just made sense. Nothing special about it and not an exciting way to end the trip foodwise but exactly what we were looking for!

I don't usually focus on food very much because I'm a terrible source when it comes to what tastes good and finding interesting things to eat, but at minimum, at least this will serve as a reminder to myself of what we ate on our trip. Hope it can be at least a little helpful if you're like me and doesn't have high food standards haha. We didn't try and branch out very much because we had so many wifi/connectivity issues but I'm glad we didn't only rely on restaurants we're visited in the past and at least tried a couple new ones.
If you're familiar with any of the places we visited and have a recommendation that we didn't try, please let me know!

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