Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 56 - Liz Lisa watermark knit cardigan, many ribbon pumps and ribbon embroidery pouchette

Tbh I made this order within a week of returning from my summer 2017 Japan trip, but when I saw that two of these items were restocked and having seen none of them in the stores that I visited, I thought that this would be my golden opportunity. These are actually all spring items that I can considered long gone/were replaced in my mind by summer summer summer, but seeing them in stock again piqued my interest!

Watermark knit cardigan in pink (171-3016-0)
This cropped length scoop neck cardigan features a tiny heart "watermark" pattern throughout, a small ruffle at the hem and small metal flower buttons with a lace panel down the front.
For a few years now, I've been in desperate need of a light pink cardigan to match with my Liz Lisa items! The pink cardigans I currently own are definitely on the "deep" pink spectrum and do match well with a number of items, but I really wanted a cardi in a truer pink shade. I couldn't particularly recall seeing this specific cardigan in store in any of my trips this year (I guess it kind of just passed under the radar if it was there at all) but based on the stock photos and it being matched with the rabbit ribbon series, I had a lot of faith in the color being as desired.
with Liz Lisa ice cream OP, Liz Lisa striped can can hat and Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa blouse, Liz Lisa opal flower gingham check skirt and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Samantha Thavasa purse -

with Liz Lisa tropical juice OP and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa ribbon embroidery pouchette* -
The color turned out just as I expected and it's a fantastic match to many of my existing items, so the purchase is definitely worthwhile! This isn't my favorite material for cardigans (I prefer something thinner and without the watermark knit when possible) but it's not terrible, and I know I can use it. The fit/length is great and nothing feels too long/short or too loose/tight.

Many ribbon pumps in beige (171-9601-9)
These rounded, close-toed pumps feature a double layer ruffle with ribbons inlaid in the front and a lace-up detail along the back of the heel. There are two straps with lace details to keep your foot securely in the shoe.
I purchased this same pair of shoes in pink during my Winter 2017 Japan trip, and they pinched the crap out of my toes somehow (which my big toes are still recovering from), but I really love the design and had wanted to see if I would be fortunate enough to find a pair in this beige color on sale during my summer trip. The 2nd floor of the Liz Lisa Harajuku store did have these pumps in stock but not in my size! So when I saw them restocked online once returning home, I guess I was just in the right frame of mind to buy them anyway.

with Liz Lisa sweet latte OP & Malco Modes Angela pettiocat + Liz Lisa sweet latte cardigan and Liz Lisa sweet latte necklace -

with Liz Lisa cinderella puff sleeve blouse and Liz Lisa cinderella suspender skirt & Malco Modes Angela petticoat -

with Liz Lisa sheer shoulder dolman knit top, Liz Lisa check sukapan and Liz Lisa argyle OTK socks -
Even though this is a spring shoe, I think they will be great for the continuing autumn/winter season as well! The beige color is really more like a nice, light brown which makes it a great neutral with the cute details for a small twist. Tbh, I really wanted them mostly as a complement to the brown sweet latte OP, and while they're not an A++ match, I think it passes and the result met my expectations.

Ribbon embroidery pouchette in yellow (171-9601-0)
This medium size purse features an envelope flap secured with a tuck lock clasp. There are 2 bows aligned vertically along the center and embroidery detail along the scalloped edge. There is a short handle on the top and strap options for using this as a shoulder bag as well as a backpack.
I had intended to purchase a yellow bag from Liz Lisa SS17, but I had thought it would have been the tropical vacation pouchette which is definitely a brighter/strong yellow. While that trop vacation bag was in stock during my summer trip, I decided that I hadn't wanted to dedicate suitcase space to it, so I sadly let it pass. Lo and behold, what do I see restocked in the webstore a week later? Another yellow bag opportunity but in a bit more traditional shape? I knew I just had to get it.
with Liz Lisa fruits logo OP, Liz Lisa cherry ribbon clips and Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps -

with Liz Lisa margaret cherry OP, Liz Lisa tulle can can hat and Flag J sandals -

with Liz Lisa plain browsing top, Liz Lisa panel floral skirt and Liz Lisa knot wedge pumps -

with Liz Lisa tulip romper and Liz Lisa flower wedge heel sandals -
The yellow color is really subdued irl, and I really like it. Even though it isn't strong and in-your-face, it still easily matches with all the items with hints of yellow that I wanted to use it with and I love the 3-way bag variety (handbag, shoulder bag and backpack). The foldover flap design isn't my favorite in terms of functionality (I prefer a quicker zipper or snap), but I love the design in terms of aesthetics.

These were either last stock items or nearly last stock items and I knew I couldn't have waited very long to make the decision to buy them. I'm very glad I didn't hesitate for very long because I'm so happy to have these items as options in my wardrobe. They're all support items, but sometimes those are the most important to completing a look!

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  1. So cute! I love how these items really match what you've already got. Kind of regret not purchasing the cardigan now (I really like it and the colour is A+)

  2. the lace up backs on those heels are so cool! I love that corset-esque style!

    1. Yes! Love this detail they include on so many of the shoes.

  3. Love your yellow coords as always! I think my fav outfit is the last one you did for the shoes actually! Kinda casual, but still super cute!

  4. Love all these items! My favorite outfit has to be the third outfit for those shoes- casual and cute. I'm surprised you didn't have a pastel pink cardigan until this order. ;0

    1. Haha I do have one I guess but it's not from Liz Lisa and actually isn't the right length/fit to flatter with Liz Lisa items lol.

  5. Those shoes and bag are LIFE :<