Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 1 & 2 purchases

Liz Lisa surprised us with the 11th My Melody collaboration in February! This is really unusual compared the regular collab release schedule. (Most of the previous spring MM collab releases were in March.) Vol 1's release date was on Feb 25 and Vol 2's release date was on March 25.
Vol 1 includes only an OP. The dress features a sailor collar and My Melody on the print hem. It was available in pink and white.
Vol 2 includes an OP (white and pink) featuring a cosmetics print, My Melody charm, My Melody head pouchette pouch and stuffed My Melody pouchette.

The 11th collab vol 1 Tokyo Kawaii Life/online release -
I missed out in a big way during the release of this 11th collab on Tokyo Kawaii Life on Feb 24. I was awake, online and constantly refreshing but couldn't get either dress in my cart. They were both gone in seconds. I suppose it was bound to happen because my luck getting collab items online couldn't possibly last forever. Even though I really loved the design of this OP, I had pretty much resigned myself to not having it since this wasn't a pre-order and the chances of TKL restocking it seemed slim based on past experience. [In fact, there was an unannounced restock on 2/28 at around 19:00 Japan time, but as I wake up at 5:00am to go to work, I don't stay up randomly on weeknights in case something might happen, and ofc I missed it again.]

However, I am very appreciative of Ebony who came through for me once again and was able to get the white OP for me from the Harajuku location the day after the initial release. Without her, I would have had to scour the secondhand market and scalpers to possibly get the dress in the condition that I'd want in the time frame that would be most ideal.
Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 1 panel print sailor OP in white (171-6017-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody☆パネル柄セーラーワンピース
The print on the dress features vertical stripes and columns of roses with My Melody scattered throughout. The hem includes My Melody in several different poses, each encompassed by a rose circle and a looping ribbon at the top. The sailor collar includes small bows along the scalloped edge. I was taking the mannequin pictures for this and I was looking at the print and just the dress overall and I thought to myself "wow this dress is gorgeous", like it contains so many elements that I love. Tbh this might be one of my new favorite dresses. There's something about the color choice, the arrangement of the print, the small details like the ribbons and the overall shape. The big bow on the front is removable with a pin and there is a side zipper. The material itself isn't very stretchy and is a reasonably light polyester without feeling cheap.
with Liz Lisa back ribbon pearl pumps -

with Liz Lisa peplum cardigan and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps -

with Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa candy pouchette -
The fit is practically perfect for me. It doesn't feel too long or too short and there isn't a lot of extra fabric in the waist or the bust that make some dresses fall like potato sacks on me. The sleeves hit just about the right length as well. I can't imagine that I'll have too many opportunities to wear this in Hawaii even with the light/sheer sleeves, but I was happy to at least wear it on Day 6 of my trip.

As it so happens, Ebony is also the reason I was able to get the pink version of the dress as well! I wasn't planning on including it in this post, but because this post is so delayed (thanks to the trip posts), I was able to fit it in even though I just received it a couple weeks ago!

Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 1 panel print sailor OP in pink (171-6017-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody☆パネル柄セーラーワンピース
I already thought the white dress was gorgeous but there's something special and extra girly about the pink version. The differences between the two are definitely quite subtle (especially in low lighting) but you can definitely see the pink in the base color and in the sleeves where they contrast with the white cuffs.
with Flag J pumps & Malco Modes Angela petticoat -

with Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa heart frill blouson -

with Charlotte Russe pom pom cropped knit and Liz Lisa pom pom boots -
It's hard for me to pick which I really like better because I see so much I like about both dresses. I almost want to say I like the white version a bit more but that's probably because I actually had the opportunity to wear it during my trip and have a more of an attachment to it in general. Either way, I love the design and fit of both and I look forward to wearing them when the weather cools down in 6-7 months lol.

Thank you so much, Ebony! I would have either had to shell out a lot of extra money for this collab or missed out on it completely (because honestly I'm a bit unwilling to pay over retail to scalpers) without your help. I now have two wonderful dresses that I love <3


The 11th collab Vol 2 Tokyo Kawaii Life/online release -
Forever inconsistent keeping us on on toes, TKL did a pre-order for all of the vol 2 items the Tuesday before the actual release date. Since I was planning to be in Japan for the release and was feeling a little sick, I decided I not to wake up in the middle of the night for the online release. According to those who were online though, it seemed like stock held for these vol 2 items much longer than collab items in the past and most people had no issue checking out. In fact, when I woke up 6 hours later, the white dress still had pre-order stock left and was that way for most of the week before the release.

Because I didn't pre-order, I was determined to get my first choice of items by going early to the Shibuya 109 release on March 25. In case you haven't seen it yet, I wrote about my experience waiting in line for the Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 2 release at Shibuya 109 here. Basically, Ebony and I got to 109 around 05:00am and were the first two in line!
I really wouldn't have had any issues getting all of the items if I wanted to, but I chose to buy the OP in pink and white and the My Melody charm. Buying in store would have been a good excuse to just get everything, but there were so many other items I wanted to buy during the trip that I knew it would be better to stick with what I knew I really wanted.

Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 2 cosmetics print OP in pink (171-6020-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody☆コスメ柄ワンピース
The print on the dress features various cosmetic items such as a mirror and a perfume bottle in a scattered pattern. The hem has large illustrations of My Melody in different poses also using the cosmetic items. There are two small lace up details on the left and right side of the waist. I was so happy that the vol 2 dress was a short sleeve design. I was a bit annoyed tbh to see that the vol 1 dress was yet another long sleeve item even though I love the design so much. I had felt really lukewarm about the design of the vol 2 dress however. In my mind, the silhouette wasn't particularly special in any way and it seemed to lack something that really made it unique aside from the print. Sure, there's the bow detail in the back but it's been done before and with something more interesting than a scoop underneath in the past. I wasn't a fan of the bows on the sides of the neckline, especially in a contrasting color. So those were all the things I felt were a little lackluster about this dress. And I had a feeling other customers probably agreed in some aspects because the turn out to the release was incredibly underwhelming.
with Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals -

with Liz Lisa frill denim jacket, Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps and Samantha Thavasa purse -

with Liz Lisa momonga cardigan and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -
After seeing the dresses in person and trying them on and actually wearing them? I actually love them way more than anticipated. And I'm not just saying that because I already have two of them, so it's in my best interest to like them. The skirt has great volume without any extra help from a petticoat, and the dress is so fun and great for summer. I really like the little puff sleeves and the waist fits nicely even though there's no ribbon tie to help. My only complaint is that there's way too much extra space in the bust, but I know that some people rely on it, so it's not the worse thing ever but if I were to bend over, you'd be able to see all the way down the dress.

Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 2 cosmetics print OP in white (171-6020-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody☆コスメ柄ワンピース
I'm suddenly hopping on the white colorway bandwagon again FML. But I think in particular for this collab it's because of the shade of pink they chose for the print and the details in comparison to the pink colorway. Don't get me wrong, I do like both, but I really love the print on the white version of this OP. The My Melody character, cosmetics items, roses and hearts are featured so well. Ever since the 6th collab vol 1 sweets OP, I started seeing the aesthetic value in the pink colorway (previously it was almost always white bc I thought the print stood out best), but I'm rounding the corner again wtf.
with Liz Lisa flower lace-up back wedge sandals + Liz Lisa rose quilted purse -

with Liz Lisa riders jacket and Liz Lisa heart organza pumps -

with Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 fukubukuro cardigan, Liz Lisa paper can can hat and Flag J sandals -
Between the pink and white, I actually chose the white version to wear for Easter this year. I figured that My Melody is a bunny so it's kind of appropriate. There's something that feels so youthful and fresh about this dress and I'm not sure why I wasn't able to see that in it prior to purchasing and wearing it myself. I guess knowing that the fit isn't awkwardly baggy helps a lot and overall I find it quite flattering!

Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab My Melody charm
This is the first My Melody charm I've ever purchased (Liz Lisa collab or otherwise)! Tbh I've never quite been able to justify the price for something so frivolous (for my life personally) especially since I usually try to go after the OP in both colorways which carries its own cost. However, because I went to wait in line for the release, I figured I couldn't only get the OPs so I had to get at least one other item, so the charm it was!
Will I ever use this? Who can say lol. So far it's just been sitting on my shelf with some Champouf things. One is likely more than enough for me and I'm happy for it to be one where I really like the matching OP.

I don't usually combine multiple volumes of the collab together but since I physically received the items during my trip, I thought I would just stick them in the same blog post - especially because vol 1 only included one item anyway and I didn't want that solo post to be too boring.

I'm putting together a Liz Lisa x My Melody collab "master post/library" type of thing, to be ready hopefully in the upcoming month. It would focus on what items each collaboration featured and will hopefully help keep the collab #s straight if they get confusing for you. It wouldn't just be the items I've personally purchased (because they're already blogged here somewhere), but more like a general information type of thing that would be edited and added to as the collaborations continue. If you have comments about this, let me know!

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  1. Urgh I can not believe how adorable you look in both pieces! To be honest I was kind of glad I couldn't get my hands on the longsleeve when they announced the shortsleeve but then... I didn't get the short sleeve either. Damn you super limited collab items (and scammers) haha.
    I'm really happy for you you got both and in different colourways too!

    1. The release for the vol 2 collab OP was so different than in the past! And I wonder with the new website if things will be even more different in the future! In a way, I was happy to wake up super early for the in store release so I didn't have to deal with an online mess :| Hope you can find it down the line!

  2. I'm so glad you got them all! <3

  3. I'm happy you were able to get the pieces you wanted! <3
    volume 1 of the collaboration is gorgeous, I'm in love with the scalloped sailor collar- I feel like it's such a unique look!
    The my melody charm is adorable too!

    1. I'm so happy they decided to do a sailor collar for the MM collab dress! Its one of my favorite details lol.

  4. Omg... both dresses are cute beyond belief. I really love the Volume One dress - the big bow is so cute!

    1. I'm so pleased with both sets of dresses! This is one of my favorite sets of collab OPs.

  5. I´m in love with the Volume 1 dress ♥ I think it looks so cute with the pom pom pumps :)
    And the charm of my melody is so kawaii~ So pretty :)

  6. After admitting that I'm a huge lurker on your giveaway post, I felt bad about it (especially since I know how much work you put into your blog), so I'm going to try to comment more from now on! :)

    Anyway! It's awesome that you were able to get all four dresses, it's really interesting to see them all together in one photo. Personally, I actually really like the relative simplicity of the design of the Volume 2 dress! I'm especially enamored by the double lace-up details on the waist in the contrasting colors - I feel like it looks very flattering for the waistline. :)

    1. Awww thank you so much! I do truly always appreciate comments, but I hope it won't be too troublesome lol.

      I struggled with the flat lay arrangement, so thank you for mentioning it, haha. Luckily the vol 2 dress fits soooo nicely. Wore the white and pink version each once so far!

  7. I love how you look in both of them but I have to say that Vol 1 is my least favorite. I love 2 so much more. I was Lolita before becoming gal and 1 just reminds me so much of Lolita...but it really works for you!


    1. I actually like that the cut of 1 is similar to a lolita silhouette (ofc too short and not the right details) but it was so popular too! Vol 2 just didn't seem to sell well at all lol.

  8. Oh gosh, my melody collabs lol. I always hope your wallet lives past these events.

    The vol one dress is my favorite! The bows on the collar are fabulous, and the scallop on the back! Cute! Not really sure how I feel about the bib + wide strap of fabric on the waist though. Bib is pretty nice, but maybe it should have been bigger to balance out the bow, or the bow smaller? The fabric should have just been a belt in my opinion.

    Vol two dress is also fabulous, I think the white colorway shines best. The corsetting on the waist is mega adorable! Lucky you to get both versions lol and both colorways each too!

    1. Because I'm not a fan of bib details in generally, I'm personally glad it's smaller on the vol 1 and that the bow covers most of it, although I do agree that it is a bit large. And I feel like I need the horizontal break in the dress to help define my waist! Haha maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see because vol 1 is definitely an all time favorite for me.

    2. I do like the bib+ribbon, maybe if they were both downsized it'd be cuter? And the horizontal break definitely defines the waist! It's a classic instant silhouette slimming move.
      Vol 1 is amazing, no shame in loving it!