Monday, March 14, 2016

One Spo online order 2 - Rabbit fur sandals and triangle pom pom earrings

I'm so happy to have received my second order from One Spo's online store. Having successfully "tested" the process with my first OS order, I felt confident making this one and decided to take a little more risk with the items.

Rabbit fur sandals in pink
Okay but how to resist these shoes tho? I fell in love with them at first sight and just monitored the listing on One Spo's online shop while it was on pre-order and then fully stocked. It would sell out once in a while, but I finally bit the bullet and just purchased them early in February. I really like the color of these and of course the bunny details. I was a bit nervous about the fit once I realized that I fit size "1" (equivalent to M) in the One Spo anchor shoes from my recent Buyee haul and I ordered these in L prior to receiving those in the mail lol. As it turns out, I think it turned out okay! These aren't super big or super tight so I would say they work. I'm kind of between M and L so I just have to do L.

with One Spo heart cut out cropped fuwa fuwa top + Charlotte Russe white tulle skirt (with and without ankle socks) -
For some reason, I felt that the addition of ankle socks called for slightly differently styling and attitude. I felt like that outfit was overall more morose for some reason, so I had to put on a more somber expression and pose less playfully lmao wtf. I think I personally like it better without the socks but I feel that if the hair/make up was more cohesive with the outfit, the ankle socks wouldn't be a bad choice either.

with Guess? knit turtleneck, One Spo trapezoidal plaid skirt, Betseyville necklace -
I really just don't know how to pose or adjust the neckline properly in turtlenecks and I always end up with a double chin look wtf. I think this would work better with a slightly more detailed turtleneck like this one from Liz Lisa or anything similar from Ank Rouge, etc. I really don't invest in knits like this for myself, and I just have this one from a trip I took back in high school to New York after Christmas in 2009 and literally hadn't used it since until I took it with me to Japan this past November for an extra layer of warmth. Clearly, I don't need any more of them so I won't be purchasing them just for the sake of a blog post look, but I definitely think that this could have been done better if I had a slightly different top. Otherwise, I like how the pink of the shoes plays off the pink in the skirt and this is a slightly more retro-y and slightly girly sporty vibe.

with Charlotte Russe floral peplum sleeveless dress, Forever 21 distressed ruffle shirt -
I know I just recently showed this dress in my lookbook post, but when I realized the pink of the shoes matched pretty well with one of the pinks of the dress, I had to bring it out again to give it a try. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this, but it feels a bit more playful at least. Maybe it would be better if the shirt layered underneath was a high neck long sleeve lace blouse? or maybe if the peplum dress was slightly more solid? Since I have to work with what I already have, I thought this was a reasonable but not fantastic combination and compared to the first two looks, it's something I could actually possibly wear here (since it's short sleeved and not so hot).

with Liz Lisa boa bustier tulle OP -
I wanted to give the shoes a shot with at least one Liz Lisa item and style them in a slightly sweeter way. This OP seemed to be a good fit because the bustier texture paired pretty well with the fur detailing of the shoes, while the overall look wasn't winter-y. I think pairing it with pink accessories helps to make this outfit a bit more cohesive, and I ended up really liking this combination although I wouldn't consider it anything particularly groundbreaking.

with Forever 21 top, Charlotte Russe tulle skirt, Liz Lisa long cardigan -
For some reason, I was really determined to come up with an outfit that included a long cardigan. This isn't something that I would typically combine myself (long cardigan with long skirt), but with the Larme-kei influence in mind, I think it kind of works even though the concept is not fully there. However, this did end up growing on me and even though it's not strictly Larme (I'm missing some accessories or a detail or two that would enhance it), it is a bit more true to my own personal style this way.

with Liz Lisa floral sweater dress, Charlotte Russe tulle skirt + Liz Lisa riders jacket -
Sorry for the slight redundancy, but I already had this skirt out and wanted to try a different combination since I thought the skirt could work pretty well with the shoes in a few different ways. I had the sweater dress untucked at first with just a bit of the tulle sticking out below it because I was trying to replicate a look I had seen from a few other sources, but it really isn't flattering imo. Then I realized that it might actually work out pretty well as a top instead, and it's not bad, I think! This turned out to be a coordinate that's not specifically great with the shoes (oops) but I stumbled upon it in the process and had to capture and share it anyway lol. Admittedly, I think it might be better with a different shoe.

with Marilyn Monroe for Macy's top and skirt set up + Liz Lisa denim-style jacket -
Again, I'm not 100% sold on this but I actually kind of like the combination of the clothes at least (which is silly considering that the focus is supposed to be the shoes, I know). I think I got a little too tied up in trying to make the coordinate seem "Larme"esque and then I kind of lost focus a little bit. The "choker" in the photos without the jacket is actually a ribbon I repurposed (it actually belongs with the pearl necklace from the second look) + a pom pom from my Liz Lisa pom pom pumps. (I haven't actually worn the shoes beyond quickly taking photos for my haul post so I don't actually consider them dirty yet lol.) I changed it for a choker from One Spo for a slightly less obnoxious/monotone look with the jacket lol. Was I even remotely successful on the Larme-kei-inspo side or a feasible-coordinate-with-the-shoes side? I'm not so sure lol. But this is apparently my attempt.

When I was trying to figure out how to coordinate the shoes, I kept in mind:
looser bottoms but not too sweet;
definitely more onee and larme kei inspired rather than himekaji due to the style of the sandal/stiletto-like heel;
soft but not too sexy (avoid PlayBoy bunny connotation if possible);
better with muted solids with textures rather than a abundance of prints;
simple silhouette but not too basic.
I didn't feel like these were "rules" I had to follow (and some of them even contradict each other a little bit), but they are just things that immediately came to mind when thinking of what would pair well with the shoes. Although I don't have the items for it atm, I feel like a solid colored top + shorts set up with small bijou detail would work pretty well but there's nothing in my current wardrobe to fill that. And there are also a few pieces that I recently sold that I feel could have been used in a really decent coordinate for these shoes lmao. (That's why I'm usually reluctant to sell things lmao :O.)
I didn't really look to wear these with Liz Lisa items (although to be fair, I checked just in case and put together at least one option) because the pink isn't really matchy with the typical Liz Lisa pink and because I wouldn't really say that a stiletto heel works with how I like to style most of my Liz Lisa (floral or printed) items. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I just see the shoes with more of an oneegyaru (bc of the stiletto) or alternatively a larme-kei (bc of the fur and details) vibe.
I specifically looked to Larme and brands like lilLilly for inspiration. Although I admire the looks and style of Larme kei, I don't specifically subscribe to it myself such to have made an effort to actually purchase pieces specifically to build a wardrobe towards it. As a result, I don't think I've created the BEST coordinates with these shoes, but I wanted to do the best with what I had which, admittedly, isn't 100% true to the definition. However, I found a few looks online that I would use as inspo if I did want to go full out on Larme kei. The color may not be exactly right, but again, the idea is that these images will be used as inspiration so I'd pick out silhouette, cut, length, fit, etc and then adapt them to my specific situation. These are just a few examples from lilLilly. I know there are a lot more out there and I also looked to brands like Honey Cinnamon, monLily, Katie, Swankiss and more for further inspiration! [click-through for source]
I don't really have anywhere to wear a coordinate like any of the above so I don't see myself actually investing in clothes like this at the current moment unless I can find a similar dupe from F21 or something, but I easily see them being able to match with the rabbit shoes. I'm also not sure if I'm ever going to wear the rabbit shoes out so even more so I shouldn't buy brand clothes just to pair with them lmao. Although I don't currently have any solid plans, I'm still really happy to have them.

Triangle pom pom earrings in pink
These seemed like they would match with the shoes, so...might as well go for it, right? Lol. I rarely buy accessories but I have been won over by pom pom earrings. And I'll be really honest when I say I kind of hated them at first for no good reason wtf. Seeing more and more pictures of people pulling them off in a non-obnoxious way has really turned me around and I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon.
Luckily, these are lightweight and fantastic for me. There's a traditional butterfly back and there's no trickiness about it. Just simple, basic earrings. They're not as fluffy as I thought they would be based on the stock photos, but I don't mind it. I know there are probably cheaper pairs out there but I really liked that the color matched perfectly with the rabbit shoes, and I didn't mind getting them at the same time. I'm happy with the quality, and if they went on sale, I would gladly order these in another color.

Novelty item - Apron
I was really hoping to get this novelty item, but since I've never tried to get one from One Spo before, I wasn't holding my breath in case I didn't understand the terms properly. I saw the banner at the top of the page and knew there was a limited supply, so this actually pushed my decision to order the rabbit sandals when I did. If I was planning on ordering the rabbit shoes either way, may as well (hopefully) get a novelty item at the same time, right?
There is a Valentine's theme to the novelty item since it was available from Feb 5. I obviously received it much after the fact, but it's still cute despite not being aligned with the holiday. The material is a soft and shiny satin-like texture and the color is very bold irl. I wasn't immediately sure how it worked when I took it out of the packaging because I didn't see the slits for the ribbon in the back of the skirt, and at first I was extraordinarily confused. A little further investigation revealed how it was meant to be worn and I think it works really well while still being a reasonably simple design.
with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon sleeve blouse, Swankiss denim skirt and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps -

with Liz Lisa (boa bustier) OP, One Spo rabbit fur sandals and One Spo pom pom earrings -
(I wanted to try use all three items from this order in one coordinate ^^^ lol.)
I really don't have any particular use for this, but isn't it so cute? The design actually allows for it to be tied quite securely and could easily work into a costume or some kind of alternative outfit. My mom's first impression without knowing anything about it was that it was supposed to be lingerie, and I guess it could function like that if you wanted it to since the material is similar to that which you'd find for intimates. I think it's just fun to have as a freebie, and I'm not disappointed with it!

Order was made on Feb 6. Items were shipped from One Spo to Tenso on Feb 8. Items arrived at Tenso on Feb 10. Even though it was killing me, I forced myself to wait to ship these items in case I wanted to consolidate anything (didn't end up coming to fruition because it sold out before I woke up and I wasn't anticipating that) and also because I had a large Buyee/Yahoo auctions package waiting to be shipped as well. I ended up making the Buyee items the priority since they were going to be shipped by EMS and had already waited a long time. I tried to pay for SAL shipping for this package as soon as my Buyee one passed through customs, only to be rejected by Tenso because apparently the package was too large (dimension-wise) even though the weight was under 2kg for just this pair of shoes and earrings! As a result, the shipping was even further delayed, I had to pay 1500yen more to change to EMS and it wasn't shipped from Tenso until Feb 22. (And then I still had to deal with waiting for the Tenso refund :|) WHY THIS EMS PACKAGE TAKE SO LONG?? It finally arrived on Feb 29 which isn't that long but about the average time it takes for me to receive a SAL package *sigh*.

In any case, I'm really happy with this order. I like both the shoes and earrings a lot and the novelty was a great extra. I don't know how often I'll actually wear the shoes, but they will definitely make a great display piece in the meantime (similar to the anchor shoes lol). I had a lot of fun trying to come up with coordinates and did a bit more "research" for inspo than I usually have to do because this one is slightly outside of my comfort genre. Not everything I tried really works, but even the trial and error process was amusing and enlightening. I have one more One Spo order headed my way and I'm glad I finally started ordering from this brand that I've long admired but haven't had the guts to try in the past.


  1. Love how your posts are always so organised :) The shoes and pompom earrings matched really well :D I like outfit 5 & 7 the most~

    1. Thank you Mina! I think outfit 5 turned out to be a favorite of mine as well.

  2. nice dresses looks so pretty
    do you have Instagram ?
    very colorful outfits
    i like most of them , nice pink head band and ear rings

    1. Thank you. My IG is @_emiii_chan. There are links in the sidebar and on my contact page as well :)

  3. Wow, this is such a cute and unexpected haul! I adore everything bunny themed, but I would never be brave enough to walk in those heels, haha ^^ But aaaww, the ears, so fluffy! I really like outfits 4 and 5, very nicely matched.
    Yup, the shoes are definitely keepers, even if they were for display only, they're irresistible! <3

    1. The shoes have a reasonable platform so the angle is not too bad. I'm mostly worried about getting them dirty or wet and ruining them forever -__-. I'll think about what I want to do lol. Seems a waste to keep them indoors but where in the world would it actually be appropriate to wear them? Thank you!

    2. You're welcome. :) Let me grab this moment to say thank you again, as well. Not only for your cohesive, and detailed content you obviously put much work into, but also for taking the time to reply to comments. It is greatly appreciated, I just thought I should let you know. :) Now back on the bunny fuzzy shoes, I know what you mean, they look like they would be problematic to clean. Then again, they don't seem like the type of heels you'd normally be wearing to the mall or a festival grounds, hehe. On parties, if they're in a nicer, not too cramped indoors setting, they might actually be saved from too much harm. Maybe there is a way to dry clean the fluff at a specialist in case it ever gets too bad? If all else fails, you can still be super diva and wear them lounging at home with a nightgown and a nice silk robe, hollywood glam style. I'm kidding. Or am I? ;)

    3. Haha if we wore shoes in the house, I surely would. Thank you as always for your feedback! I'm sure I'll figure out what I want to do with the shoes soon enough.

  4. Do the heels come in a teal color

    1. There's a link to the listing near the top of the post! These shoes were available in pink and black.

  5. Those shoes are unbearably adorable!! They come in black and I am fighting the urge to buy myself a pair and treat myself haha

    1. Theyre definitely a splurge item but really cute and worth it IMO!