Thursday, March 19, 2015

Salon Cherie pink/lavender mottled deco nails

I wanted to get my nails done, and there's no other nail salon that I'd rather go to than Salon Cherie for great deco work and design. I called to make an appointment and apparently I haven't visited in so long that I didn't even know my go-to nailist, Anri, has retired from the salon wtf. No matter because I had a great experience with Mariko last time, so I was still happy to request her again for this time.
 View from the Salon Cherie waiting area

I intended to just get gel done on my natural nail (length) but wtf two nails on my left hand broke about a week before my appointment and obviously they were not going to catch up with the rest of my nails in that time, so I had to get them sculpted. Which is not a big deal of course, but it's just an added expense :|
My nails before -

I always get really "stressed" to come up with a nail design. That probably sounds really silly but I'm going to be spending at least $100 for it, and it's something I will want to live with for at least a month if I want to get my money's worth, so I'm always nervous about picking something I won't be happy with or having regrets about not going grander or something like that.
I decided to go simple with the gel design (no hand-painted complicated stuff like last time) and used this photo as inspiration -
ahhh I'm so sorry but I can't find the source for this photo but I know it's from somewhere on Twitter...which obviously doesn't narrow it down.
I told Mariko I liked the look of the tips, but I wanted more pink and lavender. We decided to do a full glitter color for both ring fingers and the rest would have a semi-deep french of this mottled pink and lavender color. After she combined the two, I asked her to add a little white as well.
Then the fun part is the deco! I had a few pieces I knew I wanted to use, and then she worked around that.
Here is the result -

Sorry I don't have time right now to take DSLR photos in the daylight (wtf suddenly very busy) but hopefully these iPhone photos will do for now. I think by the time I have time to take good DSLR photos with natural light, they will be grown out a little bit at least. -__- As a result, this will be a pretty short blog post :|
[Ofc I will edit this later if/when I have time to take better photos but unfortunately I'm not sure when that will be wtf.]
I really love the subtle tip color. It's not just pink or lavender or white. It's a nice blurry pastel color which has a bit of "design" to it without being too showy. It almost reminds me of Rady? I think it will easily match with a lot of my Liz Lisa wardrobe. I love how the combination of colors allows for a lot of variation in color with the 3D parts which isn't TOO matchy.
Overall, I'm happy with my nails. I usually like a little more length to balance out the heaviness of the 3D parts, but that's really my fault because I cut my nails done like a centimeter or so in mid February, and they didn't grow back as fast as I wanted wtf. This is my first time getting sculpted extensions (without a plastic tip) for the nails that broke and Mariko did an excellent job shaping them and worked really quickly. I hope they are as durable as my other nails. I was expecting the appointment to last 3 hours, but I was out in 2.5, even with Mariko moving back and forth between me and another patron and switching with another nail tech who did the more mundane, simple tasks.
I wasn't really going to mention this, because I don't want to be disappointed with the nail set, but I'm pretty sure that the butterfly that was applied to my thumb nail is missing 2 pink rhinestones on the right wing. This kind of ruins it a little for me, but tbh it's not very obvious. I just wish I had noticed while in the salon and had asked her to just stick a few to add on. I know it's not that they fell off since I left the salon because the gaps are filled with gel lol. Anyway, small grievance about a small detail, but otherwise I'm pretty happy.

here's my ootd for getting my nails done :)
  Check out my post about my last pink/white nail set from Salon Cherie here if you're interested. It also includes all of my previous nail sets as well.

Salon Cherie
1888 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 277-3027


  1. omg I have never done this 3D gel nail design. I always get shellac or acrylic, I should really splurge and get my nails done! As always, your nails are always beautiful! How do you take these off btw?

    1. wow just realized I hadn't responded to comments on this blog post wtf? I soak them off with acetone!

  2. O.O I love your nails so so so much!! They're... just so pretty~~~ Definitely worth the splurge.

    1. They looked so much better after they grew out a little. I miss this nail set a lot!

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  4. Hi,
    I was wondering if you ever got your nails done in japan?
    Also love your nails, they are so cute! <3

    1. No, I haven't gotten my nails done in Japan. I have a local salon that I trust and love the work they do, so I usually get them done before I go on a trip so I don't need to spend 3-4 hours during my trip to take care of it.