Monday, September 15, 2014

FULLMOON (nail) deco closing sale order

One of my favorite deco shops, FULLMOON, is closing! I got an email about the sales, and I decided to check it out and see if I wanted to get anything. This was my last chance to get some of my favorite nail deco pieces, so I gave myself a dollar amount limit (keeping the shipping weight in mind) and picked a few things :)
I chose to ship with regular (untracked and uninsured) mail instead of registered mail or EMS because I wanted to keep the cost down. I submitted my order and paid on Sept 3. I received an shipping confirmation email on Sept 5, and my small package arrived on Sept 11.

Clear Size Mix V Cut 60 pieces
I have a number of flatback rhinestones already, but I noticed that a lot of salons are using these V cut ones more and more so I thought I'd jump on and get a few for myself as well. I love the variety of sizes.

  Light Pink V Cut 5mm 60 pieces
I think I meant to get the mix size for the pink as well but I didn't realize I added the 5mm to my cart instead? Lol. Not sure, but I'm not unhappy. Either way, I don't already own these so it'll add a little variety to my selection when I'm trying to do my own 3d nail designs.

 Ribbon 6x11mm (light pink, purple, black, red)
I already own a few of these, but I do use them so I decided to just pick up a few more. I mostly only use them in the light pink color but if I do nails for other people, maybe they'd like the black or red? Or if I change my style suddenly idk lol. Doesn't hurt to have a variety when there's a sale!

 Glitter Ribbon 6x11mm (light pink, silver, gold, red)
Lol I also already own all these colors already...but just wanted to restock a little since they were on sale. I love the glitter look.

 Lame Ribbon 6x11mm (light pink, blue)
More of the same but these are more lamé. I definitely have a number of these already -___- but wanted to get pink and blue because I like my pink and baby blue nail polish a lot right now. 

The three different "light pink" ribbon bows side-by-side.

 Love Heart 7mm (light pink, purple, white, light blue, red)
Not sure why I wanted to get these lol. I don't use hearts that much on my nails? And these are a little on the big side. Well, now that I have them, maybe I'll use them lol. I had thought about buying these a lot in previous orders, but this is my first (and last) time buying them. The purple is quite dark. It's more like an indigo. And there is a light glitter/shimmer on them.

 Rose 8mm (light pink, purple, red, black)
I definitely already own these in light pink and purple, but decided I couldn't have too many? Lol. Just wanted to get a few more while I had a chance. No real reason haha. They're a bit big but I don't mind it on longer nails. Depends how you use it.

I only ordered small nail deco pieces, but there are much more items on sale than just these/these kind of items, such as nail tips, pearls, regular deco items, and lots of other stuff!
Although I already have too many deco things that I don't use (I'm more of a hoarder -__-), I'm sad that FULLMOON is closing! Yuki is a really reliable shop owner, and I always felt like the prices were reasonable based on the quality of her goods. I also liked that she had such a variety of different things including jmags + 3 different shipping options. I also like that she lists the weight for each item in the listing so you can easily keep track of your weight total (and therefore shipping price) while you're shopping if that's important to you.

  Check out the Closing Down Sale if you're interested!
*All Items in Nail art tools Category are 70% OFF

*All Items in Nail Tips Category are 50% OFF

*All Items in Decoden kit Category are 30% OFF

*All Items in Back Issue Magazines Category are 40% OFF

*All Items in Rhinestones Category are 50% OFF

*All Items in Nail Dangles Category are 50% OFF

*All Items in Plastic Parts category are 50% OFF

*All Items in Deco Tool Category are 50% OFF

*All Items in Others Category are 50% OFF

*All Items in Pearls Category are 70% OFF


  1. Ooohhh, I'll have to have a look and see if anything catches my eye. I don't normally deco my nails but I should!