Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I wear to work

So this post will answer the question that no one has been asking - What do I wear to work?

  Just for context, I have a white collar job and the unofficial "dress code" in the office is pretty casual. I used to wear slightly dressier things when I first started, but I felt kind of out of place so I gradually wore more comfortable things lol (aka became lazier about trying to achieve business casual.) I even wear slippers to work sometimes! I end up wearing slippers because I end up walking a lot because I catch the bus, and I don't want to wear heels every single day because 1. it's bad for your feet (supposedly) and 2. because I'm lazy.
Basically, for me, since some days I literally don't even leave the office, only see like 2 of my coworkers, and I don't deal with the public, I don't feel very much pressure to dress "up". I always try to wear something decent, of course - no t-shirts or shorts or midrift, and I rarely wear anything sleeveless without a cardigan most of the time, but on Fridays sometimes I will opt for jeans!

Anyway, this is basically an outfit photo dump ala Cheesie, hah. There's a square crop because I actually took all of these from my Dayre lol. Some days I was lazier than others - using the timer, some days I felt like showing my face/hair wtf, some days I took the photos in a different location, but in any's some of my work outfits!  

I'm always surprised about how much I like wearing this skirt/this color lol. 
Cardigan and skirt from F21, shoes from Liz Lisa

One of my favorite printed (but not floral) dresses from Material Girl (sorry no shoes lol)

Casual Friday outfit
Charlotte Russe top and Liz Lisa shoes

One of my replica dresses with my comfy Liz Lisa pumps

All Liz Lisa

I think it rained this day,! and Material Girl dress

And then it was hot and sunny this day lol (all Liz Lisa again).

F21 top, Liz Lisa jumper and ankle boots

Liz Lisa skirt

Wore this to a conference thing (that's why the bathroom pics lol). Dress from H&M

Liz Lisa dress and wedges

Floral dress from F21, Flag J shoes, Liz Lisa accessories

Wore a white cardigan most of the day though

Liz Lisa dress

Liz Lisa skirt and wedges

Do I wear this cardigan with everything or what? Liz Lisa dress

These old flats ate the back of my feet. I tossed them after. Dress from BCX

Dress from Nineteen89 and Liz Lisa wedges 

Wore these boots thinking it'd be a bit chilly that day, but the sun ended up coming out in all its glory.
Liz Lisa dress and boots

Probably should have accessorized this a bit better. Dress from F21.
I wore this with a black cardigan, and my dad said it looked like I was going to a funeral

I love wearing this Juge Etta dress to work lol

Material Girl dress

Liz Lisa skirt

Liz Lisa Doll faux 2-piece top

I feel like this F21 dress didn't photograph well...

Liz Lisa jacket, sukapan and boots

All black - cardigan, top and skirt

Liz Lisa top and wedges casual Friday

Black floral dress I got as a gift from my brother's gf

Super simple dress from Forever21

Wore this to work because I was going to a show after - all Liz Lisa

I just now realized, I have a lot better work outfits than this, but I just haven't photographed myself in them wtf. Don't know why I'm even having this post in that case, but maybe a part two later lol.

  Oh and just a small heads up! In the past, a lot of my posts have been about my Liz Lisa orders, but I'm trying very hard to cut back on my spending until July. As a result, I'm kind of grasping at straws for content to post about if I'm not shopping, haha. I think I need to head into a little more of the Lifestyle aspect than Fashion/Shopping. Unfortunately, my life is not very exciting, but hopefully I'll find some things to share with you!


  1. I already saw these on dayre but cute outfits, I wish I can wear nice things to work but I have to wear office clothing.... in black and white. TT_TT utterly depressing. Mmhhhh, if you're wondering for content, you can look up tag posts, like what's in my bag and 10 facts about me or whatever it is and do a few of those? Otherwise, I don't know TT_TT

    1. Lol I know these are so repeat for you! I'd do what's in my bag but it's mostly receipts and candy wrappers....

  2. eeep cute! I always wonder if I could get judged wearing floral cute stuff for corporate office jobs, it's just so kawaii *v*

    1. Lol well I feel like I'm always judged for what I wear no matter where I am. I'm in a unique position where (as far as I know) my boss isn't strict about dress code because literally no one sees me if I don't leave my cubicle all day. I sometimes go weeks without seeing him or other coworkers if I don't make an effort to and our office is really small haha!

  3. So lucky you get to doll up for work! For now, I wear a crappy uniform to work lol! I've always liked the outfits you put together and I wonder, does it take long for you to put them together?

    1. Lol to be honest, I'd rather wear a uniform (but maybe I feel that way because I didn't have to wear a uniform for school). That way I don't have to spend money on work clothes, although some obviously double as daily/casual clothes as well.
      I don't usually spend too much time thinking about what I'm putting on unless it's a weird/interesting piece, then I probably have to try on several things with it.

  4. Hey it's Roselle ;) I know this is an old post but I'm starting a new job in support at a Tech startup, and I REALLY want to wear Liz Lisa to work, but I know up in the PNW so many people wear dark colors and earth tones and hipster business casual that I should tone it down some until at least I know I can dress freely. I was trying to find ways to tone down Liz Lisa and make it more office friendly, and this post is helping me a lot, so thank you. If you have any updated ideas, please let me know! I might make a few mock outfits too and tag you on Facebook for feedback. Keep doing you, I love your blog so much!

    1. I would definitely consider updating this post! I've actually changed jobs twice since this post but the dress code is probably just the same.
      However, I'd say that the best place to look for my current work OOTDs is in any of my OOTD posts here - . I list where I wore the outfit to and probably 90% of them are for work! I basically don't do anything else besides work so that's what I end up dressing "up" for lol.